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How to export UVMap to paint with external tools [duplicate]

I'm searching all over for a way to paint my UVMap in external tool, in my case photoshop, and them load it back to the mesh in render. The problem is I want to use that blender export feature that ...
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How can I create an image of my UV unwrap [duplicate]

I've created a model, and I'm preparing to texture it. I've marked all the seams, unwrapped it and moved it around to my desires. I am ready to create an image for my model. Usually, I would see ...
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Turning a UV layout into an image? [duplicate]

I want to be able to print out my UV layout, so as to be able to assemble the model out of paper (or wood, if I lasercut). Is there an easy way to turn the edges in the UV editor into outlines on the ...
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How do I export an outline of my UV map so that I can paint a texture in an external editor? [duplicate]

I'd like to edit a JPG texture in an external image editor. To do this accurately, I'd like to export an image showing the outline of my UV map, that I can trace over in the external editor. I'm using ...
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Any way to transfer a UV map to a texture or SVG? [duplicate]

Maybe I'm just using the wrong search terms... I want to paint some textures using an external program (shocking, right?). To do so, however, I need to know where to paint. Is there any way to either ...
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How can I use Photoshop to edit the textures of my model? [closed]

I have a 3d model in Blender and I was wondering if I could open it in Adobe Photoshop to texture it. I can't use photoshops 3D features because my computer is to slow. Is there any way to open my ...
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How to texture a racing helmet (with all its logos)

I'm trying (and failing to) shade a racing helmet. My initial approach was to have multiple UVs for different parts of the design, but I'm finding it impossible to match perspectives properly. ...
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Unwrapping from Textured Model

I have a rectangular cube. I have unwrapped each face separately, then used an image in the UV editor, grabbed and moved the UV face around, scaled as I like, and then I moved on to the next face. I ...
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how i can texture paint this flat face of my model?

im making a model for an university assignature. it consists of a geology cross-section with realistic terrain in the top, and flat faces in the sides. I don't really know if the edges of the faces ...
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I have a 3D .obj file and four texture files. I would like to edit the files using the UV mode of Blender

I have an ,obj file generated in 3d Zephyr that has four color texture files .png. I need to edit some colors on the bottom so I loaded the files into Blender and unwrapped it. I can see the ...
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Accessing data in the UV layout in Python?

I learned how to export the UV layout from here, but am still unclear how to access the data in Python. By "access the data," I mean getting an array that tells me where each vertex ends up in the ...
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Creating a UV mesh to a specific shape

I have recently started using blender for work, with the idea being to show the customer their sticker kit design on the go kart bodywork. I have modelled the bodywork with a certain degree of ...
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