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Bone Heat Weighting Error, Trying to Rig Model

I'm trying to add a rig to my mesh, but I'm receiving an error every time I try to add these bones to my model.
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Bones not attaching to mesh [duplicate]

So i made the armature and parented the bones to the mesh (i made certain the mesh was selected first and that scale is applied) and parented with automatic weights, but the mesh still doesn't move. I ...
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model and skeleton not moving together

I am making a bird animation, but the model is not moving together with skeleton. I am a beginner, so I tried the tutorial from beginning but nothing changed.
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Weight painting acting as if its 1.0, even when paint value is less than 1.0 [duplicate]

I have imported this model into blender, and I notice that when posing the thigh bone, the mesh deforms too sharply. The weight paint of the thigh's vertex groups is acting as if it is 1.0 for all ...
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I am very new to the rigify add-on on blender and have been having problems with rigging

So I just started to come back to blender just to relearn it, one of my major issues with it was rigging. I just heard about the rigify addon recently and decided to try it out. I finished doing my ...
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Bone Heat Weighting: failed to find solution for one or more bones, multiple solutions attempted

I am attempting rig a model using Automatic Weights. I am getting an error: 'Bone Heat Weighting: failed to find solution for one or more bones' I have attempted the following fixes: Confirmed there ...
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Set parent to automatic weights leading to mesh not following armature

I'm trying to build a rig for a Cthulu picture frame. I am following this youtube tutorial I get to the part where they set automatic weights, but when I ...
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The automatic weight did not work

I'm new to Blender and these problems had been bothering me for two days. I'm creating a female character and trying to add armature to it. I used the armature deform with automatic weight to parent ...
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Bones won't attach to certain model/mesh

I wanted to practice rigging so I grabbed a model I had downloaded and decided to go about trying to rig it. I went through all the steps in this tutorial. ...
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Rigify armature won't move my mesh

I made a low poly model and I parented the Rigify armature using automatic weights. i It deformed weirdly and I doubt it's my topology since it's very basic. I used solutions that worked with my other ...
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New user, rig will not attach to mesh

New user here, here is what I know: Once a mesh is done and a rig is created, use CTRL + P and select the armature LAST, choose automatic weights, and the mesh SHOULD move and deform with the rig. I ...
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How can I attach my own head to a mixamo 3D model

I added a mixamo character + animation and now I want to replace the head with my own. I removed the old head and tried to attach the new one with automatic weight and weight paint. The problem is the ...
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how to fix the error : Bone Heat Weighting: failed to find solution for one or more bones? [duplicate]

I have been getting the error (Bone Heat Weighting: failed to find solution for one or more bones ) when trying to parent with automatic weight. I have looked through my model to check if there are ...
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Bone heat weighting: failed to find a solution for one or more bones - no duplicate vertices [duplicate]

When I use the rigify basic human meta rig and try to parent it to the mesh, it displays the problem stated in the title. I've tried deleting duplicate vertices and 12 were deleted but it still didn't ...
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Unable to pose model rigged with automatic weights [duplicate]

I've created an armature, parented the model with automatic weights to it, everything seems fine in processing, but when I try to pose individual bones in pose mode, the model is static. I've uploaded ...
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