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Why is the gold color code not used for Gold Materials [duplicate]

I am looking at how to create a realistic looking gold material (for instance for ingots). So I am looking at a "pure gold" material. When I google I find this ...
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How to make a gold ore texture? [duplicate]

I am trying to make a gold ore material on my object but I cannot seem to make it look right with different nodes. Can anybody help me?!! I am just learning about nodes so I am fairly new to how they ...
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Rendering gold in Cycles [duplicate]

I'm tying to get expected rendering results from many days but not able to get it as seen in image. I have attached image of expected results.
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How to Construct a Diamond or Other Gemstone Material in Cycles

What would be the material or shaders node set up for a smooth gem in blender cycles engine? I want a result similar to this image:
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Cycles advanced shader ball?

Is there an official cycles material preview ball to compare the shader with 100% white? I could only find the following image here. Except of the inner material this looks like what I'm looking for: ...
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How can I create a shiny metallic plastic-looking material?

My first post here. I apologize in advance for my ignorance. I'm looking to create a material (and lighting to make it look right) that will look like the one below.. maybe a bit more metallic. I ...
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Glossy materials not rendering correctly

I'm new to blender (and 3D modelling) so please use dummy terms if you answer! I have applied 3 materials one each to 3 different objects and only 1 renders the same as the material preview. I've ...
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How can I create this type of lighting effect in Blender Cycles?

I recently came across this image: (source: How can I recreate this style in Cycles? I can manage with the modeling part but I have no idea with such lighting. I have tried a glossy ...
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How to fix bland-looking renders (Cycles)

Does GPU affect the rendered image quality and level of detail? I just feel like my renders are bland and like, the glossyness on the materials just make it look like someone rubbed their shirt on a ...
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Simplest way to create a database symbol

I'm trying to model a database symbol like this The only way I currently know how to do this is by starting with a flat cylinder and repeatedly extruding and scaling. extrude scale Z scale .9 ...
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How do I get rid of the unexpected shadows that appear inside the holes of objects using Glossy BSDF?

I'm learning the basics of Cycles and I created a simple cup with a material with a Glossy BSDF shader. The scene is enclosed by 6 planes and I tried illuminating with a point lamp and then with a ...
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Gray plastic bottle material (w/ label) needs to be more transparent and clear

Tried adding a brightness / contrast node after the glass but it did nothing to make the gray glass more clear. In fact it made it black. Any suggestions?
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Glow effect of Gold

I'd like to make a golden crown in 2.8 Blender which flies on top of a logo, as soon as it settles on the final position looks glowing or shining. It's supposed to look like the color of the gold ...
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Adding shiny gold material to a slice of bread

I have a slice of bread inside a crusty loaf. Enclosed is the image (the outside crusty loaf is not shown) and the node editor. The outside crusty loaf is completed. The problem lies only with the ...
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Issue with glass materials; these look blackned or are copying the background colour like a mirror

An image worths more than 1000 words. The water seems to be reflecting mostly the colour of the background but not too much the lights. Basically, i'm trying to do this: But i don't know what's ...
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