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Can you skip frames with no animation? [duplicate]

I have 1800 frames of animation to render for a school project thing, of which only 1/4 of it has animation. I have 7 more days and my computer just doesn't have the strength to do all of the 1800 ...
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Is there add-on to skip rendering for identical frames? [duplicate]

I've googled a lot about it, but everyone suggests to skip them manually. It's not easy. Maybe there is some add-on or script to make Blender render identical frames only once? And then I can make ...
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How not to re-render frames in animations that do not change at all (e.g. cache last changed frame)? [duplicate]

I have to render lots of longer animations (1min+). In many scenes a character moves a little and then stays idle at the same position. During that time NOTHING is changing: No camera movement, no ...
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Is it possible to render only keyframes from Dope-sheet?

I want to render only keyframes from Dope-sheet without the in-between frames. Effectively creating hold of last keyframe till there is new keyframe by re-saving (not re-rendering) the previously ...
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Is there a way to have Cycles skip rendering alpha?

If I wanted to create an animation, each frame would have several seconds of rendering a completely transparent part, which adds up obviously. Is there a way to eliminate this waste of time?
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Render each strip from NLA editor?

I have 20 different strips on the NLA editor, and am trying to render all of them. How do I: Render each strip seperately into it's own output folder Render only active frames/keyframes Python ...
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Script to skip frames with no animation

I found a script (here: Can frames with no animation be automatically skipped?) that should do exactly what I need. But When I add it to the text editor and press run in Blender it does nothing. How ...
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Use denoiser on certain frames of animation

Denoiser wastes quite a time on empty renderlayer (about 2 mins for 1080p), but its checkbox can't be keyframed and even LMB's Copy data path is greyed out (so, no scripting I guess). Animating ...
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How to render individual frames? [duplicate]

I'm rendering a large animation on a laptop. And I need to turn off rendering on certain frames (they are repeated). For example, from 5-10 further from 15-20, 21-25. I plan to simply duplicate the ...
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Render time being wasted on empty frames

Can someone please explain to me why blender is spending time on empty frames? I literally spent ages reducing the number of frames to less than a half so I can speed up my rendering time. But all ...
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