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Creating 3D Blender Objects using the Fibonacci Sequence or Math [duplicate]

I would like to create objects using the fibonacci sequence. such as the following: I have checked online and saw this add-on It seems kinda outdated and ...
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Creating fractals (mandelbrot set) using math nodes [duplicate]

I'm new to blender and I use hp elitebook 9470m which has i5 processor, recently I tried to make fractals on a single plane using script node which is basically only available in cycles render engine(...
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Organic yet accurate modeling with the golden spiral

Foreword First off, let me say that I am profoundly amazed at the orderliness in nature. If you haven't heard about the Fibonacci sequence (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, ...), you should check it out. ...
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How to create an animated Electric Arc or Lightning?

I know about the technique of using a displace modifier with an animated displace object on a thin plane, but there are no "branches", no forking in the lightning. Here is an image from Wikipedia ...
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When is it useful to mirror?

Having discovered the mirror modifier I have been assuming I should always use it when modeling a symmetrical object. For instance, take a simple stool. Is it more efficient to model one half with a ...
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How to create a Sierpinski Dodecahedron fractal

I can create a Menger sponge fractal using geometry nodes. See Blender file below: Now I'm trying to create a Sierpinski Dodecahedron I tried to replace the cube node with a Dodecahedron created as ...
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How to invert / change direction of the edges of an object using geometry nodes

How can I invert / change the direction of the edges of an object so the outer pointing edges are pointing in and the ...
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creating fractal materials with node editor

does anybody know how to generate a 2D fractal like the classic Mandelbrot set, as a 2D material using the node editor? im looking to make something similar to how the texture nodes like the wave ...
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Can you implement these subd. algorithms while exposing their parameters using geometry nodes

Using geometry nodes - How can we implement Catmull-Clark and Doo-Sabin Doo-Sabin subd. algorithms while exposing their parameters using geometry nodes. I've been looking for coding examples on ...
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Can I change recursive depth limit of instance ownership?

I'm creating Sierpiński triangle by chaining "Instance on Points" nodes like so: The 🟢Instance socket implicitly converts the passed geometry to an instance. Upon conversion to an instance,...
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2d mandelbrot set generation with script

I would like to find a script to create a 2d Mandelbrot set in the 3d workspace. is there any way to do this or is it impossible? Any help appreciated.
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