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Any good free materials libraries online? [duplicate]

I'm wondering if there's any addons or online libraries of materials I can download. I've found one called online_mat_lib, but then discovered it was from 2008 and ...
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Where can I find free made animations? [duplicate]

Is there a website which hosts many free animations that can be used in blender? Many websites confuse each other with models (technically is model, but animated). For example:
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Alternative Render engines can I use instead of Cycles for AMD Radeon GPUs? [duplicate]

I am using Blender with the AMD 12 with Radeon R7. Blender renders using OpenCL but I would not call the performance fast. I have only recently moved to this AMD 12 ideapad which I purchase on the ...
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where i get alpha brushes for texture paint and sculpting for free? [duplicate]

i have google this,but unfortunately there are a a lot of good ones but paid and some are packs for zbrush, some are images or files in zbrush format, so where can i get a lot of brushes with enough ...
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What's the best book to learn blender? [duplicate]

Just as the title says, I am looking for beginner's book for blender. Specifically I want to learn special effects and 3D models. Anyone got any suggestions?
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Where can I find a website that provides free textures [duplicate]

I am looking for a website that provides texture 'images' bump and specular maps included. High resolution would be appreciated.
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Is Mental Ray available for Blender? [duplicate]

Is Mental Ray available for Blender? Are there any other production quality render options?
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What are good free PBR material libraries for a beginner? [duplicate]

I'm in the process of figuring out blender (on what could be considered my 3rd project I guess), and while browsing tutorials and youtube videos about blender, I've come across the topic of PBR ...
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How can I learn basic anatomy/proportions good enough to where I can sculpt a basic head from scratch [duplicate]

I did this but I got frustrated and quit.
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Free 3d character models to edit in Blender [duplicate]

Rocmen here, a newbie. I was wanting to import 3d character model like a man and modify it and then animate it. Is that possible in Blender? Thanks for any help Rocmen
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Recommended tutorial for character creation, rigging and weight painting? [duplicate]

What is your recommended tutorial for character creation, rigging and weight painting? I have watched so many YouTube tutorials on this and most don't go into detail or explain at all WHY they are ...
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Online render farms for blender [duplicate]

I wanted to ask if there are any free render farms. I tried to find one but I couldn’t. If anyone finds a “free” render farms pls tell me.
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Where can i get material download free [duplicate]

Im much confuse with the node editor to get the different material effects. Is there any website where i can download the material for free.
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Getting started with blender [duplicate]

I have 0 experience with any 3D application. I was told to start looking into it as I have been looking for a quality hobby. Today I found Blender that seems like it might be a good place to start (...
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Do you know about any good photo / 3D references sites? [duplicate]

Do you know about any good photo / 3D references sites? I want to create a 3D human models but I need good references for it. Do you know about any free or paid site that you trust? Thanks
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