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Displacement modifier as a wave?

To see if it's possible, I'm trying to make pulsating veins on a heart in blender render. This step isn't too difficult, you can use a simple normal geometry of a veroni crackle texture and change the ...
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Using a bézier curve to raise/lower height of vertices?

I would like to be able to modify the height of vertices on a plane using a bézier curve. I sculpted a example of what I would like to do: For my case, I would need the deformation to be somewhat ...
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Using an object to deform another object, like punching a pillow, what's the best way to do this?

So I'm doing fiddling some different animations, and I want to be able to have one thing kind of squeeze or compress another, like for example, someone punching a pillow and the fist compressing the ...
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Deform mesh based on proximity

I have a scene where I want my character to sit on a sofa. To make it look better, I want the sofa to deform like it would in reality. What is the best way to do this? I can try and sculpt shapekeys, ...
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Dynamically "push" mesh in-/outwards with another mesh

Description: I want to push one mesh into another mesh and have it deform in the most simple way possible that is still animateable in some form (through a empty or something). Example: Lets say I ...
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The best way to "simulate" a bed/mattress

Im new to blender and I want to "simulate" (not sure if I need a simulation for that) how a mattress would behave if you place somthing heavy (e.g. a person) on it. So I want the object I ...
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Emit particles from faces with a specified normal

Is it possible to only use faces whose normal points in certain directions, for example, only emit particles from faces pointing in the positive z direction. or some other condition, like it must lay ...
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How do I produce an uneven offset /solidify modify on a cube?

I am trying to create an offset that is wider on one side than the other and i have been using the solidify modify tool, however this creates an even offset. I am relatively new to blender and so any ...
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Stretch object over surface if objects intersect

I am attempting to make an animation where one object passes through another hollow object, with the hollow object stretching to accommodate the moving object. The problem I'm having however is how to ...
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How do I get a cloth plane to "go back" to its original shape after being disrupted?

(I'm still learning Blender as I am quite new to it). I am trying to make a model of Space time curvature, it consists of a wireframe plane (cloth) and multiple Spheres (with collisions). The ...
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Physics simulation of object pressed against character’s skin

The character’s flesh is soft and the object pressed against it is rigid, so the skin should deform a bit and the mesh should wrap around the mesh of the object. I tried using soft body simulation and ...
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tensor flow / deformable grid

I am trying to make a grid that i can deform, by adding points that acts like a magnetic field. Is it possible to create a grid that i can manually/auto deform like this? I need it to be one ...
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Human face moving under wall

Good day everyone, I am trying to create an animation of a person's face moving under a wall. something similar to the picture attached . I have tried the same method here Worms crawling under skin . ...
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How to achieve a 3D warp field effect in blender (2.81)

I'm after a way to create an effect such that when an object is placed inside the volume the verticies are displaced based on the localised field value (thinking of it like a density field in physics ...
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When using warp modifier, is there a way to keep the warping speed constant?

Context: You can see below what effect I'm achieving using the warp modifier: What's essentially being done here is the radius of the warp modifier is keyframed to gradually increase. You can check ...
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