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poll() failed, context incorrect? - Example: bpy.ops.view3d.background_image_add()

I keep on getting context errors in the Blender Python API. I don't understand the issue of the context in the API, how do I know which is the correct context? Thanks!
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A comprehensive list of operator overrides

I feel like I'm always spending far too much time playing scripting whack-a-mole whenever I want to override an operator in one of my scripts. I'd like to build a comprehensive one-stop-shop list for ...
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How to merge all vertices by distance and remove all inner faces?

I have a bunch of 3D objects adjacent one to another (they all have a coincident face). I want to merge them all without having inner faces. I can achieve this by doing the following: Object Mode an ...
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Loop cut and slide using python script in blender

I have created a cylinder using python API of blender. This cylinder has only vertical strips. I want horizontal loop cuts in this cylinder so that it would have a perfect mesh shape of quads. How to ...
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Loop Cut and Slide using Python not working

I'm trying to use loop-cut and slide in Python. I've tried the following: Loop cut and slide using python script in blender How do I override context for bpy.ops.mesh.loopcut? Loop Cut and Slide ...
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Python Scripting: Assign existing geometry node group to newly generate object

I'm creating a number of objects in a loop, how can I assign an existing Geometry Node group to these created objects? I've tried to assign the name of the group but that just ...
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How to use loopcut_slide operation without any UI?

So i need to perform some basic loop cut and slide operators on a mesh. The edge index is known and the slide amount is also fixed. using override method from How do I override context for bpy.ops....
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Problem with changing the current area type

Hey when executing this code it works perfectly the first part of it ...
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Align active camera to view using python

To align active camera to match the current view I could simply pan, zoom or rotate the view. Select active camera from outliner then hit Ctrl + Alt + Numpad 0. I only wonder, is there a way to write ...
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"Context is incorrect" python error, while script moves modifier up in modifier list during rendering

I would like to run a python script, which adds every frame a new Mask-modifier to an object (and deleting the old). While following script works if the code runs in interactive blender window, during ...
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UV Project From View script fails when using bpy.ops.view3d.view_axis()

I've been trying to make a small python script that among other things project unwraps UVs using a specific axis and projection type and it fails to project the UVs at the 3D View's manipulated camera ...
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Can loopcuts be made when Blender is in background with the "-b" option?

I am trying to make loopcuts on an object in a Python script running Blender 2.77a in the background with the "-b" commandline option. If I don't override the context I get this error: ...
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Purging unused data from Python

I found a lot of solutions for deleting unused data. Most of them are not practical for my case. I have a very long script and during this, I want to purge all the unused data from the memory. I'm ...
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I am using chat-gpt to make a UFO in Blender 3d, It is returning an error

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Using Python to programmatically bend a box

I'm trying to write a script that uses bpy.ops.transform.bend and am running into context issues. I'm just learning the api but it seems like the command requires some sort of UI interaction/context ...
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