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Origins to the down of the object by default

Is there a way to make the origin of any new object appear by default at the lowest point of that object? The center of the lowest face for a cube, for example. It's very uncomfortable to transform ...
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How can I catch a workspace change event?

I want to write a function, which will be called after changing the workspace. I thought, that i can find workspace change event in, but it looks ...
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Msgbus - How to subscribe to bpy.context.scene?

I'd like to receive a msgbus notification when the active scene is switched, or somehow otherwise capture this event and respond to it in my code. I thought this would be a fairly simple msgbus ...
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How to Update NodeSocketString Value inside a node group in a attribute node using python

I have an Attribute node inside a node group, and for the node group inputs, I have created a NodeSocketString, Using ...
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Set/Reset Statusbar on a Different Workspace

I can write some text on the statusbar on the active workspace. bpy.context.workspace.status_text_set("Hello World") Then I can reset to normal with <...
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Setting the Default Value of a Float Property Dynamically

I am updating the active object's location.x with a FloatProperty with the following code. How can I change the value of the FloatProperty slider to the active_object's current location.x when the ...
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Want to run two scripts when I change to edit mode

Im not good at python script, but I want to run two actitons when I change to edit mode. or I want to know register any Hoykey for run this scripts? ...
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Is it possible to create a function that is performed on the render engine change?

I would need to perform a function on the render engine change, for example: ...
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Avoid selecting an object in the outliner using a callback

I am working on an extension for exporting particle systems in blender to glTF. As my engine doesn't support as much stuff as blender, I am creating a template which exposes the properties that I ...
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Print object name every time I change active object (click)

Tried this code, but it seems have some issue, can't figure it out (need your help): ...
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