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How to align the view or a camera to a certain face or object [duplicate]

Is there a way to align the view or a camera to be perpendicular to a specific face or object using it's normal? The thing I am trying to acheive, is to use the view to unwrap a face, so I can use it ...
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Is there a way to align the view to a face normal? [duplicate]

Often when I am modeling I would like to align the view straight on to a face, perpendicular to the normal. Is there a way to do this?
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What would be the easiest way to UV map a complex object?

I'm attempting to make a texture for a model i've been working on, so i've been trying to get a decent UV map, However whenever I do it usually ends up either very distorted or a lot of unrecognizable ...
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Which object should be selected when selected to active is check for texture baking?

Which object should be selected when selected to active is checked for baking, the one I'm baking to or from? I can never remember which one.
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Align vertex to another edge

I have a mesh where the faces should connect at the center in a single vertex, but the top is cut off at the moment (like a pyramid without its top). I want to add this top now, but I don't know how ...
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Scaling multiple rings on cylinder to the same size

I am trying to scale different sized rings on a cylinder to the same size, like turning a vase into a pipe shape. I would be glad if one can tell me a shortcut, I am trying to do it one by one, and I ...
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Accidentally applied rotation and its to late to undo

So I accidentally applied the rotation of an arm and its to late to undo. Is there a way to fix this accurately?
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Problem: material has stretched on side of shape

I have a cube that I have cut into triangles with a boolean modifier. I have animated this shape to open out in various ways and begun adding images/ materials onto the sides of this shape. Some ...
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Vertex Orientation in an Object

Why vertex "A" is aligned at different axis as compared to VErtex "B" & "C"? How can "A" be aligned similar to other two vertex(B & C)?
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How do I align a view to the plane intersecting selected vertices

new to Blender, working through this tutorial. I'm about to extrude out the trunk of my elephant, but one vertex from my extrusion face (see screenshot, the bottom right one in the selected loop) ...
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automatically detects 3D view by selecting one face mesh

hi instead of using numpad ( front / back /left / right / bottom / top ) to locate the desired view , is there a operation in blender that automatically detects/change the view by just selecting a ...
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How can I look exactly at normal?

I want to edit my object with comfort like when I use gizmo axis selection, but my object is not placed exactly on axis:
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Can I model in a set of co-ordinates local to an object?

I am using Blender for architecture. I would like to be able to take an inclined plane (representing a roof, for example) and then place and manipulate simple objects onto it - just as simply as I can ...
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How to view a face as it is (and not modified by where it is)?

How to view a face as it is and not modified by where it is? For example, I created an icosphere and I want the camera to show a face as it is: an equilateral triangle for a reference image.
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