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Create a surface between two curves [duplicate]

Hi, I want to create a surface between two curves. Please any one guide me Thankyou
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Connect edges of array? [duplicate]

I created a shape out of a single mesh/edge. I added an array modifier and a curve modifier to create the rough shape of a banana. Is there a way to add a "skin" to the result in Blender 2.8 in a ...
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Bridge Edge Loops with Curve [duplicate]

Ultimately, I want to make mirrored ribbons, wider at the bottom/furthest from the bow-knot. I created one mirrored bezier curve and rotated its duplicate (with the 3D cursor) at one end of the curve; ...
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Join 2 surfaces with a path defined by 2 bezier curves [duplicate]

I want to join 2 surfaces ( [1] & [3] ) with the top path defined by the Bezier curve[4] and the bottom defined by the Bezier curve[2]. See the image for reference. I don't know if I described my ...
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Loft tool in blender 2.8

I am using cinema and 3ds and I am amazed from Blender 2.8 UI upgrade and I am trying to switch to Blender. As I am a newbie in Blender I am trying to do some lofting but I haven't found any ...
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Lofting between Splines

I’ve seen some C4D users use a tool called Loft-NURBS it seemed like a good way to speed up my workflow. Is there a tool in Blender to create a surface from ...
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Create mesh from four curves (Loft)

I want to create a smooth mesh using four curves. I want to animate the curves so that it changes the mesh. Basically, I have the four curves(black lines) in the picture. Just want to cross link ...
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Turning a ring of vertices into a plane

I've got a ring of vertices. How can I add an edge from a newly added centre vertex, to every other vertex in the mesh (and then add faces between all of the new edges)?
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Create a surface within bounding curves?

EDIT: My example was misleading. I don't want to use polys/faces. Please see the example of how this is done in Maya: My first example didn't make it clear that I want to influence the way the "...
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How do I turn this shape into a cylinder?

I am working on making an intake manifold out of sheet metal but I have been struggling to draw up the shape unwrapped as if it was a uv just from pictures, I turned to using blender however I am ...
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Connecting two curves with same number of vertices

I'm looking to connect two curves. One duplicated from the other and then modified. They have the same number of vertices. While a more broad question than this example, I'm trying to connect a top ...
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Sweep Between Two Curves to Create Mesh [duplicate]

I need to create a shape where the bottom is a circle and the top is a square, with a perfect transition from top to bottom. In Cinema 4D and Fusion 360 this is very simple, you just create two curves ...
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Grid/ smart fill but with only 3 "rails" [duplicate]

I have an outline that has 3 curved "segments". Actually it's all connected edges. I want to fill them with a grid that has one "pole", so it's like of 1/8 sphere but irregular. ...
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How could a loft object be closed?

In this answer you can use two or more curves to generate a loft mesh with geometry nodes, but answers in this thread work for an open surface. What could be a good approach to close the loop?
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Loft or extrude between separate mesh surfaces [duplicate]

This is my first post so please be easy on me. I'm trying to make an F-16 in blender for 3D printing. The tutorials on Youtube gave me a model with many open surfaces so it wouldn't slice. So instead ...
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