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How do I Inset a face equally?

How can I inset/extrude a face, so that the outer faces have the same width? Any kind of help is appreciated
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Bevel constantly regardless of face size (don't stretch bevel) [duplicate]

I want to bevel a rectangular prism, but when I stretch the prism, instead of keeping the same bevel, the bevel stretches as well. How can I get the bevel to stay the same size while the prism is ...
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Inset not even, even with object scaled in object mode [duplicate]

I'm scaling my rectangle in object mode as suggested, and then insetting two faces in edit mode. Yet the inset is still uneven. I can only guess it's because I'm using decimals. I'm scaling thus: x: 2....
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Why is inset producing different results on horizontal to vertical faces? [duplicate]

For years I've worked with inset to make many shapes and objects, most notably guns and other game asset-type things. However recently inset has stopped working as I need it to, when using it on ...
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how can i inset equally? [duplicate]

I've read the other inset thread but it didn't help me. I'd like to inset the face proportionally, so without distortion. The result I'd like to have:
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why I am not getting even inset? [duplicate]

I was trying to make the book in blender but when select 3 faces and trying to inset it evenly I got this that you can see in the picture. in my inset option i have only select offset even please help ...
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I need help for face inserting [duplicate]

I need help . when I try to insert a square face, the top and bottom side do not move like the ones on the side. what settings should i make?
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Why is it important to apply transformation to an objects data?

I've watched several tutorials and very often they applied the location, rotation or scale to the object when they transformed it in Object Mode. They always said it is important, but why?
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Why are the longer edges being beveled more?

I'll preface this by saying I'm very new to Blender - I'm trying to put a bevel on an edge, looks something like this: As you can see, the vertical side is much longer than the horizontal side. When ...
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How to inset group of faces

Coming from 3ds Max I was wondering if it's possible to inset a group of faces. The result I would like to achieve (using 3ds Max): This is the result I get using the inset tool in Blender:
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How to scale an extrusion from a rectangular plane equally along all four sides?

I'm trying to create a very basic shape in the image of a beveled mirror. To do this, I create a plane, extrude from the plane, and then scale the extrusion. However, the beveled edge is deeper on the ...
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