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Python performance with Blender operators

In my script, I have for loop over many cube objects (~1000) and the treatment is very slow. Looking more in details, I notice that in the same amount of loops: if ...
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Multiple objects or multiple meshes per object

I don't think this particular question has been asked / answered as I have been unable to find it. After following both the beginner and intermediate tutorials from BlenderGuru, I decided I'd try a ...
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Creating a scene with huge amount of geometry

I'm fascinated by the beautiful images Lee Griggs is able to create with Maya modelling and Arnold rendering.. e.g: I'm attempting to reproduce his effect in Blender. My first stab at it is adding a ...
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Sequentially importing .obj files becomes drastically slow very quickly

I have written a very straight-forward script that imports many obj files one-by-one and renders them. The imported meshes have ~10k to ~120k vertices. After rendering, I completely remove the ...
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What is the fastest way of creating a large mesh/object built from smaller mesh "building blocks"

I realize similar questions have been asked before and I followed the advice given there but I hope to gain more insight on the matter here. I've added a lot of details, I hope it's not too much. I ...
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Why (actually) does it take me so long to make 1000 cubes?

Creating 1000's of objects is slower than I thought it should be. Based on a suggestion here it could be related to name collision checking so I thought I would look into it. Here is some data, and ...
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Low-level location, rotation and scale for sphere, cylinders

I am interested in constructing figures of atoms using Blender from an external XYZ file containing atomic positions and species. I have succesfully read the XYZ and found all atoms and their ...
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Pixel to voxel in Blender 2.92

I'd like to use knowuh's script on converting an image to voxels. there's the script: I have tried to run it, but the file I loaded into the UV ...
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Low level vs High level object creation speed UPDATE: Fast Data-Block Link to scene

I am trying to make a lot of objects with a python script. I have read multiple posts about low level vs high level programming and the slow-down due to scene-update of all objects after the creation ...
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Is there a timeout/max capacity in blender's phyton scripts?

I can't figure out if there's something wrong with blender or my script. So far I have this little code, which does its job if the file which is parsing is not SO big: ...
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performance issue creating many objects

I am trying to use blender (2.79b) for batch visualization of data on Windows 10. Unfortunately, blender gets very slow after creating a certain amount of objects. I tried to improve things by "...
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Python: join objects without updating scene

I currently try to speed up my script by using bpy.context.object.copy() instead of ...
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Blender start with (large) Python script crashes Blender

I wrote a procedural generator and it saves the output for the Meshes in a text file. Then I wrote a python3/Blender script which parses through that text file and creates the meshes from the input. ...
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