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Merging Multiple Vertices [duplicate]

I am wondering if there is any tool or way to kind of Weld (merge) multiple vertices at once, AltM > Merge at Center doesn't do the job. Doing by one takes a lot of time so it's inefficient way of ...
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Connect 2 meshes together? (Missing vertices) [duplicate]

I'm new to Blender and I want to connect 2 meshes together and make them into 1. How can I do this?
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How to merge two unconnected edges into a single one

There are several questions on merging connected edges and edge loops, but I can't find the simplest case where we just have two edges: and want them to be merged like this: I don't have a ...
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Stitching Meshes Together

For a game project I'm working on, I want to "stitch" together several grid-like meshes: Each mesh is sculpted starting from a regular grid to give more depth and detail to its texture. But the ...
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How to combine two objects with smoothing

What's the best way to combine arms to body without them looking like separate entities. Essentially, I want to melt the 2 together.
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How to model the sharp edge of a blade

I want to make the edge of this blade thin so that it looks sharp, but how can I do this? Should I use a cube instead of a plane or is there another way?
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Pipe joint addon: changing individual cylinder's geometry (radius, length)

I am new to blender and I'm basically trying to produce a network of bifurcating pipes with different geometry profiles using Y-pipe joints. When I change the geometry it only seems to be capable of ...
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One click merge two edge loops into one edge at center

When selecting a ring of edges Blender has a subdivide selected edges command to create an edge that is at the exact center (some call it the equator) of the ring of edges. Is there a way to merge two ...
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How to add 2 organic meshes in Blender?

I'm modeling a character for an project I'm working on and decided to make separate meshes for the body and legs. I decided to join them together after doing the basic modeling for each and can't seem ...
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how can i fill edges between two objects [duplicate]

I cut a hole in the landscape so that I can fit a cylinder in. Now I want to fill the edges of the landscape's cut hole with the circumference of the cylinder - in a way that the cylinder will still ...
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