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How to get vertex coordinates after modifier in Python in Blender 2.80? [duplicate]

I have a mesh with armature modifier. Is there any efficient way to read its vertices coordinates with modifiers accounted in Blender 2.80? So far the only way I found is to duplicate the object, ...
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Extracting vertices data after transformations [duplicate]

I'm using few rotations and scale changes in a model and then export the location of the vertices after the change, but when I do so, the vertices extracted are those of before the transformations and ...
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How to get a new mesh with modifiers applied using Blender Python API?

I've been scouring the Blender Python API docs for a way to get access to the mesh data that is displayed in the view-port. (with modifiers applied - WYSIWYG) For reference, this was possible with ...
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Show the polycount of selected objects in object mode

How to show the polycount statistics (faces, tris, etc) of selected objects in object mode? The bar on the bottom of screen shows polycount of the whole scene: I know I can switch to edit mode and ...
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Is there a low level alternative for bpy.ops.object.convert()?

I am using bpy.ops.object.convert(target='MESH', keep_original= False) in a python function in blender to convert metaballs to a mesh. The script works fine when ...
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Python in Blender 2.8 - testing if two objects overlap in the XY Plane?

In Python is there a way to test if two objects overlap? I am somewhat randomizing the location of two objects and I need to make sure that they do not overlap. I have spent several hours (without ...
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Get Point Coordinates generated with Geometry Nodes?

Say you generate some random points using Geometry Nodes, how can you get all those point coordinates using the python api? The only hint I have is that the point coords are located under Point Cloud ...
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How can I convert a CURVE to a MESH object

I am trying to convert all the curves in a blendfile to meshes - like this, as explained here: ...
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Is it possible to get vertex locations (world) from a vertex group?

How can I get the vertices location connected to animated bones? E.g. the vertices of vertexgroup "foot.L" at keyframe 2?
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Get bmesh and list of vertices

I try to get the are_inside function working from: No matter what I try, I just get new errors. My scene is as ...
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Get frame to frame object location Blender 2.81 +

I have a script which generates a curve path and sets an object to follow the path, I can see the object moving correctly in the animation move, and it also moves to the correct location (at least ...
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Boolean difference not making any diiference (Python scripting)

I'm using Blender 2.76 on a Win 7 x64 machine. I should warn you I'm new to Blender & its Python API although I have used Python extensively before I'm no expert. I run the following script ...
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Updating a 2.7 script that uses frame_current to work with 2.8+

There's a script I find very useful that works in 2.7x that is no longer working in 2.8x, 2.9x. I want to update it to work with current Blender versions. The script takes an object and makes a ...
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Number of vertices and edges report no changes after adding boolean intersect modifier

I am trying to check if a cube and a cone with 7 vertices (python will show 8) intersect or not. To do so, I am using a boolean intersect modifier and check how many vertices are there, after adding ...
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Getting vertex coordinates with applied shape keys

I'm trying to write a function that returns vertex coordinates including their transformation that was a applied by (one or multiple) shape keys. Currently this is how I tried, but I only get vertex ...
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