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Should all parts of a physical object be modelled as a single Blender object? [duplicate]

I have some experience with 3D parametric CAD (e.g. Solidworks, Autodek Inventor). So far, I have watched the official Blender tutorials 3 times and read a complete book about Blender. I am wondering ...
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Best practice for creating complex models. Multiple meshes and textures? [duplicate]

Please forgive me if this is 'off topic,' the actual "What topics can I ask about here?" page is void of any useful guidelines. I'm new to Blender and started trying to make a model that is more ...
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Difference between stacking and extruding meshes? [duplicate]

What would be the difference of stacking objects into each other and extruding by starting with one single primitive. How does it influence performance and what are the advantages and disadvantages ...
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Should objects added in edit mode be merged together or can they exist as separate objects? [duplicate]

Are unlinked mesh islands of the same object considered bad modeling? And, when should I merge meshes and when should I keep them separate?
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What do i do when i have two o more meshes and i want to join them [duplicate]

I'm making a guitar, and i found that the easiest way was to make the body, the neck and other few details separatly. But i don't know much about how that affects the render and all that, i think that ...
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Is it okay, to put meshes inside each other without connecting them? [duplicate]

Excuse my English. So, im modeling an assault rifle and i was thinking about if its okay to disconnect the highlighted mesh(picture below) from the weapon and just move it a bit inside the weapon to ...
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Modeling, set to parent or joining objects? [duplicate]

I had a hard time deciding whether should I join these pieces to the barrel mesh or just use set to parent. Also if anyone can explain the difference why should someone use one of these.
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Join two cylinders

How can I join these two meshes in a proper way? I know I can Ctrl J to join them, but how can I do so without having overlapping faces?
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When is acceptable to have disconnected geometry?

Some times it's easier to add a quick sphere and move it so it intersects a part of an existing model rather than trying to connect the existing model to the sphere. When are these kinds of shortcuts ...
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Should Every Different Textured Piece Be It's Own Object [closed]

Just looking for best practice here. Let's say I'm building a house. The roof, windows, door and shutters are all different textures. Should this all be one object or multiple objects (and if so, ...
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Modelling in separate pieces VS one object

Starting situation: Creating (nearly) Photorealistic renders. Question: How do I correctly model for photorealistic renders (for applying shaders)? My Approach: Using a Primitive and model it by ...
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How to merge a leg inside a shoe? (physically not connected)

I edited a mesh looking like this: I cut the shoes from the legs, edited the shoe a bit and inserted the leg into the shoe so it looks like this (much better): There is a small gap between the leg ...
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What are the pros/cons of having a model made of multiple meshes?

Here is a model shown in object and edit mode. The topology is great, however, the body parts are all separate meshes. From an animation perspective, what are the pros/cons of this approach, versus ...
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Modelling from 1 object or more?

I'm trying to learn how to use Blender, and thinking about making a model like the can in the photo. I'm thinking of starting it from a plane, extruding all over the model, and make it all from that. ...
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Is it required to attach objects together as one?

I'm not done with youtube tutorials and I don't think they will mention it. Do you need to attach all parts together? for example the limbs to the body? I'm gonna use it to make a video game.
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How do 3D modelers make their models?

I'm very new to the 3D modeling/CGI world and I'm just beginning to take my first steps to learning how to make my own models, scenes, etc. My question is how do modelers make their models? Do they ...
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