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How to reset pivot point? [duplicate]

I have multiple objects in my blender project, but the origin is faulty for all of them. I would like the origin for each object to be at the center (geometry, or mass), but even if I select that for ...
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How can i center axis on the object? [duplicate]

How to center the axis(yellow) on my object(blue)?
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Moving the 'center of the object' to the actual center... [duplicate]

I have sculpted a model in sculptris (maybe i have done something wrong, it's my first time) and exported it to an object then reduced polygones and stuff, and now i have some stuff to do in blender ...
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Set multiple origins to geometry? [duplicate]

I have lets say 5 individual vertexes objects with the origin all set to the centre of the screen. How could I set each vertex to the geometry of each vertex?
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How to reset object's origin [duplicate]

The origin of my object is not where I want it, so when I set other objects to the parent, they link to the origin rather then the object where I want them. How do I change the origin?
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Messed up origin point [duplicate]

Sometimes after I do some modifications with model or duplicate and do some modifications then the origin point of the model goes out of the model and it becomes hard to rotate/scale and do anything ...
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To move back the centre origin point to were the object is [duplicate]

Hi Please can you tell me how to move the 3D cursor and centre origin point back to were the object selected is please? I am selecting the landing feet and the X,Y and Z axis arrow is all the way to ...
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Center object's mesh around its pivot [duplicate]

In Blender, after resizing a box - ie you could make it very flat like a square tile, the pivot point of the object will likely be outside. How do I move the mesh and/or the pivot so that the pivot ...
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All my objects transforms are the same [duplicate]

I've imported a model from an .obj file. It imports fine, and I can see all the separate mesh objects that make up the model. But when I look at their object properties, all the transforms are the ...
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How to move object's origin to mesh? [duplicate]

The question is vague, and I apologize for that. I don't know how to make the dot that has the transform tools, appear in the middle of the mesh like it is supposed to be. I would appreciate some ...
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Having issues with rotating/moving objects, as it's selection/pivot point is different from actual object [duplicate]

Currently following a tutorial for Blender, as I'm still relatively new to it. Ran into an issue where I realized that the actual selection/pivot point of the object, in particular, was moved away ...
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How do I move the origin to the center of the object [duplicate]

I just can't manage to make the cursor and origin in the picture to go to the centre of my mesh, I press all the option on shift+s and nothing works.
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Change pivot or local origin of an object

How can I change the local origin of an object, without changing the object location in the world space. This is the object located at position (0,0,0) in the world space This is the same object ...
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Animating a Ferris Wheel

I'm new at blender and I'm trying to animate a ferris wheel. But blender is still very difficult for me and I'm stuck. I made the base and the little cars separately but I have no idea how to let them ...
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How can I move an object along it's local axis?

I'm looking to move an object, just when I edit it, along its own axis rather than the world's axis. Is this possible? Also is origin synonymous with axis?
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