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Newest blender 2.8: Object visible in render button missing [duplicate]

In the latest version of blender 2.8 I can not find the button for an object that allows it to be shown in the rendered image. There is only one 'eye' icon left, which makes the object invisible/...
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How to disable in render just one object and not the entire collection in blender 2.8? [duplicate]

Earlier in outliner 3 options were available for each object one of which was disable render. Now only one option is available for each object. Basically how to disable render for single object inside ...
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Why doesn't the "Disable for viewport selection" button doesn't show up in the Outliner? [duplicate]

I can't lock my reference image because there is no visible button for disabling the image to be editable:
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What happened to the selection and camera toggle buttons in the Scene Collection Window? [duplicate]

There used to be all these icons for each of your object in the Scene Collection window. In this picture, there's the visibility, selectability, and a computer and camera icon (not sure what those ...
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Blender 2.8 RC2 Outliner restrict icons [duplicate]

I'm just downloaded (current available) Blender 2.8 RC2, and little confused: I see NO restriction icons [commands] in Outliner: Restrict Viewport Visibility Restrict Viewport Selection Restrict ...
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turn off rendering in outliner view [duplicate]

I'm interested in removing one object's geometry from another. I should be able to do this with a boolean modifier on the larger object (the "car") targeting another object (the "window"). I would ...
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How can I reveal these groups inside of collections in blender 2.9 [duplicate]

I have project that I worked on in blender 2.6/2.7x and now Im decided to switch to blender 2.9 but when I open that file I'v got some groups which are gread out and dont see them i view port. How ...
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Render result is completely blank

A scene I made is not rendering, at all. This grey screen stays the same and nothing changes. Here are my settings: [
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How to apply a modifier in V2.9+

Why I can't apply mirror modifier? Here's screen
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Objects in outliner grayed out

I have been using blender 2.79 and recently downloaded 2.8. I was modelling a scene in blender 2.79 and when opening it up in 2.8 most of my objects are greyed out. Everything is enabled in the ...
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What's the 'disable in viewports'?

I don't know difference between 'hide in viewport' and 'disable in viewports' in Blender 2.8 outliner. What's the precise function of 'disable in viewports'? And if possible, please explain the ...
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Blender Object Visibility Controls at version 2.80+

At Blender versions prior to 2.80, it was simple to toggle and keyframe the visibility - either in the viewport or the render by manipulating the buttons in the Outliner. Those buttons aren't present ...
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Instance to Collection, Unhiding Objects

So I'm trying to mirror Collections, and the easiest and fastest way I found is just to make an Instance of that collection and -1 the scale. It works fine the only problem is that the objects inside ...
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Character animation visible in viewport but not in render

I've downloaded a animated character from mixamo but when I render the final animation he's locked. I've baked all the actions, make visible during render, but the character is stuck only during ...
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Why Is My Transparency Shader Not Working

I just installed the Released Candidate version of Blender and noticed that a couple of things are missing. Im using CYCLES as render engine. First, I can no longer make the TRANSPARENCY SHADER to ...
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Bezier curves hair makes blender slow

I have made this hair with bezier curves following this tutorial: . Now I'm going to rig the character, but I'm afraid it's going to be slow, since in editing mode the ...
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Mysterious Green Thing Appearing only when rendering

I'm not sure why this is happening but when I try to render my animation, a green thing pops up in the render. The object is not there when looking at the animation in the viewport but appears when I ...
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Parts of Rig only showing up in Render, and not viewport?

Why are only some parts of the Rig showing up in the viewport?
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(SOLVED) Multiple meshes don't show up in final render, but show up in viewport with and without rendering on

[EDIT] I figured out the issue. My file management setup in the outliner was pretty terrible, there were random collections that messed with what the project rendered. I just moved all the meshes into ...
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Refresh object mode from edit mode

How I can solve this problem? The mesh looks fine in Edit Mode and when the rig is in Rest Position: But when the rig is in Pose Position the right hand has bad deformation even if the model is still ...
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Why does the render look different from the viewport?

In my rendered image, there are weird circular patterns on the surface and part of the brick wall that I use as a backround is cut off,while it is portrayed correctly in my viewport. I also struggled ...
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Problem with eevee rendering

I'm not sure why it is ok in the viewer but it is like photo 2 after eevee rendering . Please advice. Thank you
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Blender 2.8 does not render view port image

At the end ~26:00 of this tutorial: the selected view port is rendered. In my case, however, the render result differs from the view port: Why isn't ...
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Cycles Final Render is Black in Blender 2.91.0 [duplicate]

I need some help with one of my Blender projects. I was making this simple interior design render with the help of fspy. I made some simple objects and some materials. I didn't check before if I can ...
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