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Move 3D cursor back to center hotkey? [duplicate]

Is there a hotkey to move the 3D Cursor back to X=0 Y=0 Z=0?
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How to set 3D cursor to origin [duplicate]

I did have the Origin and 3D cursor at the same location but somehow I have now got the 3D cursor elsewhere. Is there a way to set the 3D cursor to the origin (I know how to set the Origin to the 3D ...
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Installing an addon

There is this addon that was built called Window Generator 2. It can be found at this BA thread. However, when I go to the download link it shows up in a new tab as a bunch of code. How can I ...
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How to make half of a square circular

I have a square. I want half of it to be circular, like this (image is from a topdown view) I kept loop cutting but I couldn't find a way to make it truly "round" and do it evenly. NOTE: to be ...
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How do I reset the 3d cursor rotation in 2.80?

I'm currently working with the Blender 2.80 beta, and although I can snap the 3d cursor to objects easily, and tweak its precise position with the 3D Cursor UI, I can't figure out how to reset its ...
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Blender Origin was unintentionally move, set back to 0 0 0

I found this : this : this :
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Change object origin precisely?

So here is my current state: I want to move the object origin (small yellow dot) exactly in the middle but to the right so when I mirror the object it will work correctly. I can't figure out how to ...
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How does the bend tool work?

How does the bend tool (⇧ ShiftW) work? I couldn't find any mention of it in the wiki or in the new documentation. When I tried to use it, I failed: It seems to use 3D cursor position, as well ...
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Maya like pivot alignment

Maya allows for fast and accurate placement of the pivot using the D key does Blender have the same? Functionally this is similar to seting the pivot to the 3d cursor however I'm unsure of how to ...
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How can I stop the 3D cursor hopping around when positioned in top, front, and right view?

I've been trying to precisely position the 3D cursor, something I've always done by positioning it in one of the 3 standard ortho views, and then switching to another and positioning it again. Today ...
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Camera Rotation in World Coordinates?

Are the coordinates of the camera in the world coordinate system? If they are not, how can I change to the world coordinate?
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How can a RGB color value be copied from reference image or render?

In the render view one can see the RGB values while pressing LMB. Can these values be copied to the clipboard in order to paste them into a color widget?
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Python code to add objects to the 3D Cursor

Python code to add objects to the 3D Cursor I added a cube and looked at the Python Console ...
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Reset vector where objects are added to origin (0, 0, 0)

Some time ago I was following a tutorial that I can no longer find in which the presenter suggests to edit a setting that changes the vector an object is added to the vector of the 3d cursor rather ...
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Move 3D cursor via current active object?

You cannot really drag the 3D cursor or snap it in Blender which is not ideal. So I thought one could do this: ...
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