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How do I report a bug in Blender? [duplicate]

I have noticed that Blender crashes under certain circumstances. Every time I try to open a separate 3D Window with either Bone or Empty Sphere added to the scene, it just shuts down. Can you ...
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What to do with potential bugs? [duplicate]

Prompted by my previous question, what should one do if they find something that might be a bug but aren't sure? Should these be reported? Ignored? Is there somewhere where there is a "tracker for ...
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Where to escalate video support for Blender [duplicate]

Where may I escalate continuing video issues with Blender? I don't have the "status" to make a bug report. Blender's continuing problems with video support is disqualifying. The latest ...
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Blender crashes when I try to render with HDRI lighting [duplicate]

I'm a long time 3D artist but a brand new Blender user (mfs converted me xD) I recently purchased a beefed up Rog Strix 15 with AMD radeon 6800M GPU. I have installed all the needed drivers for AMD ...
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Using Texture Nodes for the Displace Modifier

I'm trying to make some procedural textures that will give me a result like this: - this one is said to have been a voronoi + a clouds texture and I figured the best way to combine those is to use ...
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Is it advisable to update Blender to the newest version as soon as possible each time?

I know Blender is free software and bugs happen. But my question is, is it good practice to update Blender every time there is an update? Even if a minor one? (i.e I'd consider 2.56 to 2.56b minor or ...
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Convert large particle system(s) to one object efficiently

I place leaves on my trees with emitter particle systems. Then, to make a forest, I place those trees with another emitter (or hair) particle system. Problem is particles of particles don't work, I ...
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Drawing Using Grease Pencil Hotkeys

I've just begun experimenting with the Grease pencil function. I find it a bit inconvenient that if there are default hotkeys defined, I can't find them. I'd like to be able to press a key or two, and ...
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Blender Sequencer speed is Extremely slow

I have a video (720p) that is 37 minutes long, with a bitrate of ~3000kb/s. This video is a game recording, so 37 minutes worth of this footage was written in 37 minutes, while other extremely CPU, ...
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How to reduce noise on transparent animation?

I am making an animation(in cycles render) where object is converting from diffuse to transparent(with 0.9 value on mix shader). I am using branched path tracing (with square samples) Below is the ...
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image loading, but not appearing in an Empty, latest release 2.77

Still a bit of a noob with Blender and definitely with this stack exchange, so please go gentle! Anyone else having a problem getting images (.png, .tiff, .jpg) to show up in an empty in the 2.77 ...
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Is there a caveat to using drivers on node properties?

So, it seems to be a trivial matter to use a different seed on each frame (it looks nicer in animations). I.e. type "#frame" into the seed value and viola! You now have a driver. In fact, if I turn on ...
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How can I scale particle size over lifetime within a keyed physics system

I am trying to make an alka-zeltzer in a glass, creating bubbles that form a logo on the water surface. To do this I am using keyed particles and everything works fine. However, I would like to have ...
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Mass replace fonts

I just experienced a nightmarish Blender episode in which I needed to render an animation with a super tight deadline. Because of the schedule, I started rendering on several different computers, ...
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Shouldn't Blender free the GPU memory before rendering the next frame?

I'm trying to render an animation, I can provide the .blend if necessary. The problem is that if I render each frame as if it was a single render, it works fine. However, if I render it as an ...
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