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How can I run an external Python function in Blender? [duplicate]

I have written several functions in blender scripting mode. I need to pass their variables through Matlab thanks to the py command (Matlab - Python connection). The ...
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running blender python script outside blender [duplicate]

I'm doing a project, and I use blender to set up a scene (mainly I have two plane meshes) and with scripting I do some operations on the meshes. I installed blender as a python module using conda env ...
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Is there a way to access blender file's material from command line? [duplicate]

I was wondering if there is anyway that i can increase or decrease strength of emission material via command line.. Scenario is I am using google colab for rendering which do not have GUI. So, process ...
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Can I run a Python script step by step in Blender?

Can I run a python script step by step with normal blender, a build, external software or an addon? I'm developing a script (town generator) and I want to to execute the code step by step like a ...
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Setting render options from the command line

I was hoping to render blender using the command line mode on linux. However, I do not no how to set the output resolution and H.264 as the encoding. Both these options work in the GUI mode but I wish ...
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Generate thumbnail image in addition to main image? (command line render)

I'd like to set up a command line script that renders out each frame to the desired output image type (EXR, PNG, TGA, etc.) at full resolution, but then also generates and saves a small thumbnail JPG ...
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Specify tile size for Blender Cycles rendering via the command line

I'd like to write a little piece of code which splits a frame into a few tiles and uses all available devices to render the still image. It seems like the Blender developers are working on such a ...
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How can I run blender from the command line to export and import models

I am interested in exporting and importing 3d models using blender via the command line, as mentioned in this question. So now I want to know how I can import and export the models in blender with ...
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Can modifiers be computed and applied from the command line?

For heavy modifiers, the time it takes to compute can range between a few seconds to half an hour or longer. Can modifiers be added, computed, and applied from the command line with some sort of ...
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How to export mesh object to FBX from command line?

I'd like to open a scene with certain mesh object and export it to FBX file from command line. I read some related questions; importing and exporting via command line as per
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Create a Python program that creates a new Blender file and edits the scene

Like the title says, I want to create a Python (or Node.js program, although I think Python would be a lot better for this) that creates a new Blender file and is able to change the colour of the ...
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Is it possible to programmaticaly render video from a blender pattern animated scene with images and mp3 as parameters?

I would like to build an automatic generated video engine on a server. The process would look like this : renderblendfile (images on server disk ,Mp3 file on server disk) ----» video The blend file ...
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interrupted by signal 11: SIGSEGV when running bpy module from Flask app

I've built Blender as a bpy-only module meaning I can call it directly from Python. I was able to run some commands, but at the moment is failing with simply opening a main file. My code is super ...
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How to edit blender file parameters + settings from command line or python?

Note: This is not a duplicate of this question: How can I run blender from command line or a python script without opening a GUI? That question only addresses rendering, not modifying parameters in a ...
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Send blender simulation to another computer for processing and caching?

I have two computers, one I use for working and the other I want to use for rendering and doing any other task that require lots of CPU usage. I have a decent knowledge in Python and the Blender API, ...
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