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Object follow the path in two points [duplicate]

I need to animate sliding gate following the path in two points where the wheels touch the rail. The rail is not straight.
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Make this "Bicycle Chain" follow a curve perfectly, without warping [duplicate]

Yesterday I asked How can I curve an array of meshes without curving the mesh?, and got a great answer from Moonboots. My problem was how to make a mesh follow a curve without warping. They explained ...
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How to keep train wheels aligned to tracks [duplicate]

I am making a simple animation where a train goes on some curved track. I have curved the tracks using a curve and curve modifier and I am animating the train also using a curve and the follow path ...
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Need Solution for Train following curve (Bone Rigging & Constraints) [duplicate]

i am trying to make a simple scene of a train moving along a curve. I'm using this particular youtube video as a guide however, i cant seem to ...
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Animating a 3d model in Blender [duplicate]

I am new to Blender. I have a model of a Hopper Car used in Model Railroading created in Fusion360. I would like to have this model follow the rails. I would like car to be able to follow the curve ...
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Snake Defensive Display animation

How one would approach this specific snake motion in Blender as shown in reference: Reference source Reference source The position of the snake visibly remains almost static while the body parts ...
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Camera follows path, but is not looking the direction I want

I think the easiest way to explain is the next two pictures. Cant seem to add two pictures with the add picture option.? If a moderator knows how to fix that ? Edit: The problem I am having, it's not ...
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Generate Curve from Motion Path of a Bone (to animate steering of a fork lift)

The bone in between the front wheels is following a Bezier curve (black) and the whole mesh of the forklift (all in one object) follows. I need the motion paths of the wheels (more precice of the ...
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Rigging train wheels

I'm creating an animation with a steam train and I need to make the front wheels selected to turn and slide from side to side. I plan to use path follow to make the main thing move but I need to make ...
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Curve deform - Follow along a path

Whilst searching for a solution I stumbled upon Animate object along path and deform accordingly I am creating a logo for a new software project I am working on, the finished logo will have two ...
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How could I have an object's Z axis align with the first derivative of is location F-Curve

I want an object to follow a path in space (specified via F-Curves, or by clamping to a Bezier curve), but I want the Z axis of this object to always be tangent to this trajectory (the same way that ...
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Bezier Curve as Constraint for Bones? (Rolling garage door)

im trying to build a rolling garage door. To connect my six panels i used bones. Now i would like to define how they can move. I want to use this for animations or stills in different positions. I ...
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Move points along their own path in python

I have a list of vertices. I want to move the verts/white squares along their own paths like so: (Assume the polygon is closed) How can I do that with python and get a list of shifted vertices back?
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car model is deforming on follow path curve

I have just started learning Car rigged animation by watching this tutorial ( ) the car on the path ...
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How to make a bone pull other bones dynamically?

So, I'm relatively new to blender, And I've been working on a steam train with carriages for the last couple of days. I wanted to rig the train so that, when I pull on an IK bone, the train will ...
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