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Blender 2.81 - Moving the origin of multiple selected objects to the median point of their base [duplicate]

There has been a similar question back in 2015 which was answered here: Set origin to bottom center of multiple objects However time has passed and those scripts no longer seem to be working. Here's ...
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in blender 2.8 API get face selection orientation and apply to another object, weird result [duplicate]

The cone has it's tip going up the Z axis. The goal is to have the cone hv it's Z axis up facing the same way the selected face's normal do. When i run the script, the orientation was a bit off. ...
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This mathutils related code stop working correctly in 2.8 [duplicate]

I ported an old 2.78 addon and was faced with a strange thing, the results in 2.78 and 2.93 are different. In 2.93 the result of the multiplication of matrices is always remaining the same as Matrix....
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How to place any object on the 'floor' of a scene?

I added a cylinder to my scene, rotated, resized, like this: I moved it up, because I want to make a model from this and I want it to stand on the ground: I zoomed in and learned, that this object ...
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How to find if a point is inside a mesh?

I need a python script that would help me determine if a point is inside a cylindrical mesh. I tried the .pointInside(point, selected_all=False) but it is deprecated in the newer versions of blender ...
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Python move object on local axis

Read through a lot of questions but I didn't find a simple answer. How do I move an object on it's local axis using a vector? I don't want to use bpy.ops.transform.translate, because it's slow. ...
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What are all values in bound_box?

I want to compute the total scene bounding box, so I can fit the scene in rendered image automatically. I have found bound_box. But why are there so many values <...
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What is blender's camera projection matrix model?

I have question what is blender's camera projection model. I want to use blender to my computer vision experiment which need to compare real photo and CG. For real photo, I used camera matrix K for ...
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How to calculate the direction and up vector of a camera?

I'm trying to implement a prototype for a custom render engine using blender as content creation tool. One remaining questions is: How can we calculate the direction and up vector of the camera by its ...
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How to make a mobius strip?

I am very new to Blender, so perhaps my question is so elementary. My background is mathematics and so as my first experimentation I would like to make a Mobius Strip. In mathematics we start with a ...
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Unwrapping a circle into a line of segments?

How can I UV unwrap a circle (which is divided into segments) into a straight line of segments (triangles) - I can only get segments placed randomly. I.E. a row of triangular segments with the ...
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Perspective Flatten Geometry by Shrinkwrap

I have a 3D scene I need to flatten towards the cammera in order for the geometry to still appear 3D when viewed in a 2D game from the front. I've done this in Maya with the shrinkwrap method and the "...
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TypeError: expected 'Depsgraph' type found 'Scene' instead

I have found an awsome script by @Leander to do exactly what im trying to acheive here: which has two scripts, the first generates an object, the ...
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Using python to manipulate vertices

I would like to perform the following things: for the selected object get all the vertices, treat the vertices as a vector, perform a Matrix x Vector multiplication do the same Matrix x Vector ...
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VSE Python API : How can I add a new movie strip? [duplicate]

I want to use script for fast editing, but everytime I run the script it shows an error in VSE operation part. I have been searching for solution but there is none. Plz help me solve this problem. Thx!...
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