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3d chess pieces from bezier curves

I am trying to make a chess set in Blender I have made chess pieces blueprints as 2d bezier curves in Adobe Illustrator. Now I would like to import them to Blender and then using Lathe-like operation ...
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Reset object focus point

I merged 2 objects that were quite far away from each other by accident. I removed one of the objects verts (X), but unfortunately the focus (pressing F to center object in camera) is still off ...
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setting two objects with same location with python API but turns out their locations are different

I have two objects - car and parking line, I want to set the car and parking line with the same location through python API. i tried two ways ...
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How to set my widget to bottom face my object or any face that ı wanted? [duplicate]

İn edit mode: shift + S in object mode: Ctrl + alt + shift + C not helping... In 3dsmax for example there is a button which allows you can play with your widget without interferes with your object. ...
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Object stretches when rotated for shaped keys

I've this butterfly model and I want it to fly. when I add shape keys and rotate the wing in edit mode, the wing stretches and ...
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