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Setting the pivot point of an object [duplicate]

I have a sword that currently rotates around a pivot point thats off of the actual object. Im new to blender and im not sure how i would go about changing it so that the sword rotates around the ...
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How to set the rotate center to be the center of the object iI want to rotate? [duplicate]

the cursor is at world origin, and I want to rotate, move, scale an object, but when I press the rotate/move/scale/ button, the rotate/move/scale center is at the world origin, the object I want to ...
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Need help moving the origin to center [duplicate]

I got a logo in blender and im trying to rotate it 360 degrees. But when i rotated it i realized it isnt centered. I found out that the logo got some invisible edge or something, because when i do "...
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Why does the object move when scaling on the Y axis? [duplicate]

I try to resize the object on the Y axis, but the object moves from where it is. There is no such problem with the X and Z axes. What is the reason for this strange behavior? X-Axis (S X): Z-Axis (S ...
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How to put this orange thing in the same place with selection? [duplicate]

I can't solve the problem about having selection and this "orange stuff" in the same place. How to put this orange little thing in the same place with selection?
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How would I fix the moving position exactly to the part I want it to move? [duplicate]

See how on the image the positioning isn't correct. I'm talking about the white pieces see how far they are from those movers with arrows that means If I move I would have to move an extra. It also ...
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how to move transform gizmo to object center in object mode [duplicate]

I want to move the transform to the center of object in object mode, not in edit mode, I have set the transform pivot point to bounding box center or any other selection, but it didn't work.
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How to set my widget to bottom face my object or any face that ı wanted? [duplicate]

İn edit mode: shift + S in object mode: Ctrl + alt + shift + C not helping... In 3dsmax for example there is a button which allows you can play with your widget without interferes with your object. ...
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Center orange dot [duplicate]

How can I center the orange dot so that it is in the middle of the object/that the move tool is in the middle of the object? Thank you.
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How to recenter an object's origin?

So, I'm working creating a lamp... yes, newbie here. After modeling for a bit, I noticed that my point of origin was no longer the center of my object: How to I reset an object origin point to the ...
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Move cursor to center of some selected geometry/faces

I am making a gun. What I'd like the to do is this Select all the faces that make up the handle Move the 3D cursor to the center of the selection (or center of mass) Set the origin of the object at ...
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How to toggle between Flat and Smooth shading during animation?

The Edge Split modifier doesn't give me desired results (even with angle set to 0 it looks different).
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Snap object to the center of another object face

Hi I got a Cube and a Cylinder. What is the fastest way (minimal steps) to move the Cylinder, so the center of the bottom face of the Cylinder will snap to the center of top face of the Cube ?
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Setting origin of empty "group" object

I have an object that consists of 2 meshes. To group them, I have added an Empty object and added my 2 objects as children. I have then put the 3D cursor where I would the origin of the grouped ...
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Change object pivot point orientation

For some reason the pivot point on my object has become rotated (other objects show normally oriented pivot points). I have to set the "transformation orientation" (see the bottom of my screenshot) to ...
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