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How can I get HDRI shadows in an Eevee scene? [duplicate]

I'm currently testing Eevee. Seems so promising ! Here, i'm trying to make my Eevee render the closest I can to my previous render Cycles of the same scene. This scene do not have any lights but an ...
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Blender 2.8 eevee render light too bright than cycle [duplicate]

I use simple plane object with black material and put a point light above the plane. THe result is when using eevee , the light reflection is way to bright. (see the attachment : top image is cycle, ...
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Need help getting Cycles to match Eevee brightness [duplicate]

Pic 1 is Eevee Pic 2 is Cycles at exposure of 1 Pic 3 is Cycles at exposure of 5 Note that the backgorunds are of similar exposure in 1 & 2, implying that while the 3rd may be nice and bright, ...
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What is the difference between Evee and Cycles [duplicate]

As mentioned in the title i don't understand which differences are and when is better tu use one render than another
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cycles VS evee : seems that some shadows are ignored? [duplicate]

I'm testing Eevee and it seems quite nice ! This is a scene with just a sun. Here's how it looks in Eevee: And now, with Cycles: The mugs and the computers on the table almost don't have shadows ...
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Why are eevee and cycles so different [duplicate]

So a blender newbie here, I was following up a tutorial and I noticed a thing in EEVEE and cycles viewport render, Where EEVEE viewport looks terribly different than CYCLES So is it normal or did I ...
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How does EEVEE work?

We all know what Cycles is, at least to a first approximation: Cycles is a path tracing engine [...] Specifically, cycles is a "backwards" path tracer, which means that it traces light rays ...
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How do the new light probes in EEVEE work?

I've been experimenting with Blender's new EEVEE render engine, and so far have failed to get the realistic results I'm aiming for. I've seen some online tutorials and articles about the assets under ...
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In Blender 2.8, how do I light an EEVEE scene with an HDR?

Blender 2.8 supports the same world node setup that Cycles does. This correctly puts the HDR image in the world background. But EEVEE doesn't light the scene properly. Everything looks flat and ...
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I just switched to 2.8 last week and only got a chance to play around with it. I was excited about the EEVEE renderer as advertised so I tried do a comparison between the two (CYCLES vs EEVEE) but I ...
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Eevee shadow problem

Recently I downloaded blender 2.8 for the new real-time render engine, but then I found out that the shadow in the eevee is really unexpected. Just like shown above, the quality of the shadow is bad ...
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Render looks darker than Look Dev mode [duplicate]

I have been texture painting in look dev mode. But when i try to render it, everything looks very dark. I have 3 sun lights in my scene, ambient turned on in Eevee settings. What am i missing? I ...
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Colors in object mode are different to render mode

Alright so I have been trying to figure this out when I am in object mode making materials for my low poly island when I texture a face the color is dark that when I would be in render mode. When I ...
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White squares in eevee render

While I render using the new eevee engine, the render has squares in it. I have Intel HD 620 integrated GPU and all GPU drivers are up-to-date. I can render it good in Cycles but not in Eevee? Why?
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Differences Between Mesh and Lamp Lighting - Eevee vs Cycles

Here is a primer for this question with a good explanation of the differences between Eevee and Cycles: EEVEE and Cycles render lighting differences I understand (roughly) the difference between the ...
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