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How to make power line cables hang and move with wind? [duplicate]

Edited I made a curve path in the shape of wire hanging from two support beams, in a scene I'm creating. I want to incorporate wind simulations to affect the wires so that they sway to the side/in ...
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How to create a physically based rope in blender? [duplicate]

How could one create a rope that can be controlled from both ends, and which drops down when left alone (using one object as a base to hang from and the other object as a weight on its end) ? I'm ...
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How can I make a cable track follow a linear path while fixed at one end [duplicate]

I am trying to create a cable track that follows a machine part along a linear path while fixed in position at the end. The cable track keeps moving too away from the machine part so that it looks ...
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How to simulate a rope?

I'm trying to simulate a rope (that later might get pulled on the ends*) that interacts with some obstacles. So far I created a plane as the floor and a cube as an obstacle, and activated "collision" ...
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How to make a curve behave like a squeezed tooth paste (to born from a moving object but to stay on ground)

I'm trying to make a curve to behave like in the image, without success :( I tried to search for an answer but couldn't find. Particles are a bit of out of the question here since I need super-clean ...
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Rig a rope spanning two objects

I am trying to rig a rope so that it spans between two objects. Technically it is a fuel line, regardless I am trying to get it to work with the soft-body physics, primarily because A, it will be ...
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Attaching a curve by its endpoints to two spheres

Is it possible to attach the endpoints of a curve to two spheres, so that the endpoints would always move with the spheres even when moving the spheres independently of each other? Optimally it should ...
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Create a stretchy line between two objects?

So I want to create this stretchy rope effect as seen in this video. I want to use either soft body or cloth physics, so I can bounce objects off of them. And I also want it to be connected to two ...
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How to create wire between objects

I have the following: It contains two cube-like shapes, two sockets and a wire running between them (the curved one). The wire uses an array modifier and follows a nurbsPath. This is extremely ...
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Dynamic rope or cable between 2 objects with AN

So I have seen this tutorial here and this is basically what I need, a rope between 2 empties that I can move around the scene and it will update dynamically. This ...
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How can use a vertex group with a curve in the soft body modifier

I try to pin some points in curve. I see we can add a soft body modifier in the curve and play with vertex group but i can't apply a vertex group to it. How can use a vertex group with a curve in the ...
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How to model coiled up cables

Blender to the rescue? After working pretty extensively with Solidworks for 2 years, I was tasked to model some realistic looking coiled up cables for solar panels. SW is definitely not made for that ...
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How do I do animate hair strand in blender?

I want to animate Hair in such a way that it wraps around naturally around an object. How can I achieve it in blender ?
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How do I animate a rope in Blender 9.3? [duplicate]

I'm working on an animated short that features a claw machine, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to animate the chord that the claw dangles from. Here's where I'm at: I modeled the claw itself, ...
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Animating wires attached to a head [duplicate]

Alright, so I'm decently new to blender (only about 130~ hours in engine) and I'm trying to... animate? Some wires, specifically. I'm trying to have one end of the wires stick to the head while it ...
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