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Eevee reflections clipping at the edge in render but not viewport [duplicate]

In rendered view(left) displays like how it should, however when rendered the reflection is clipped at the bottom(right). THe plane has a principled bsdf with 0 roughness and screen space refraction ...
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Eevee rendered image weird frame-edge problem [duplicate]

i'm trying to render a frame and everything looks good besides the upper frame edge that makes the blindfolds window just get cut mid-way. Anyone have any idea why is this happening? i've attached a ...
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Rendering extra 100px outside specified resolution and cropping down for final output? [duplicate]

With Screenspace reflections on I want to keep my edge fading at 0.075, but prevent it from fading the edges of the screen when zoomed in on a reflective surface. So currently I get this really nasty ...
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Light diffusion from coloured surface emitting light (Blender 2.8X) [duplicate]

Similar to these questions (1, 2, 3), I wish to emit light from some of the atoms in my model. I've randomly generated some atoms to be glowing and blue. I've followed a lot of the methods of these ...
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Blender Evee Shadow Disapear when object out of frame [duplicate]

I move my camera in a scene and each time my camera goes by on object that leaves the frame, i lose some of it's shadow. Any ideas why ?
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Dissapearing shadows in Eevee [duplicate]

I'm having a problem with Eevee that's to do with shadows disappearing. A number of people on the internet seem to be having similar problems, but i've failed to find the solution. Basically, as you ...
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Light emitting object from behind the camera not reflecting from another object EEVEE [duplicate]

As title says, I have a big cube serving as a room, image below: There is also a cube with a metallic texture that reflects the lights of the cube, image below: But as you can see in this image, the ...
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How do the new light probes in EEVEE work?

I've been experimenting with Blender's new EEVEE render engine, and so far have failed to get the realistic results I'm aiming for. I've seen some online tutorials and articles about the assets under ...
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What are the technical differences between F12 render and viewport preview?

What are the technical differences between F12 render and viewport preview render, if any? This is all the documentation I could find about Cycles viewport rendering: interactive rendering can be ...
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Screen Space Reflections in EEVEE

I am struggling with understanding screen space reflections in EEVEE. I am aware of the excellent answer to this question, however, this only talks about when an object is off screen entirely. Maybe ...
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Lights and Emission lights following the camera/view angle

Hope you can help with this weird issue. I'm pretty new to blender so please go easy on me. So as you can see in the attached images, the main spot light, only works when the camera/view is facing it. ...
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Two Problems with a Nixie Tube: Glass and Glow

I want to make a convinceable model of an IN12B Nixie tube. The model should render with eevee. I added an example file. Two problems: The glass looks somehow "plasticy" and is a lot of ...
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Reflective material don't reflect a mesh

I am quite new to Blender. I tried to set up a scene with a little character I modelised with a floor and an hdr. My problem is that the parts of my character which has a reflective material reflect ...
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Cycles v. Eevee mirror reflections [duplicate]

Is there any way to get Eevee to reflect like Cycles does? My settings for the scene are identical. I took a screen grab of the F12 render window in Cycles then again in Eevee (see picture) - no other ...
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