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How to build Blender as Python module? [duplicate]

I'm on a Linux Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS System. As the title states I was unable to find any precise documentation how to build blender as Python Module for uses in scripts. If anyone can help me I'd ...
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Where can I find what version of python is bundled with certain Blender versions?

The question is where I can reliably find the information on which python version is bundled with a certain Blender release (like 2.72b at the moment)? I need to find the major and minor version ...
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Building `bpy` for Windows: where should `datafiles` and `scripts` be placed?

This is the documentation explaining how bpy should be built. I think it is outdated, for the following reasons: It does not mention that ...
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Use a different Python interpreter

I am trying to run Blender 2.80 with another install of Python 3.7 (the one coming with SageMath located on my computer in /opt/sage/local/bin/python3.7) I followed the instruction of the page "Tips ...
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Is it possible to extract the bmesh python module and use it standalone, in other python projects?

I have been searching around the web for python mesh processing libraries that can do "simple" mesh editing functions like edge beveling, or face extrusion. There's not really anything out ...
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interrupted by signal 11: SIGSEGV when running bpy module from Flask app

I've built Blender as a bpy-only module meaning I can call it directly from Python. I was able to run some commands, but at the moment is failing with simply opening a main file. My code is super ...
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Building Blender as Python Module based on Python 3.7?

I am pretty new with blender, I am trying to build it as a python module, which I successfully managed to do following this link blender-python. However, this builds the module for python 3.9 but I ...
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Do plugins/APIs exist to edit blender-python-scripts in Intellij IDEA?

I find the code editing environment on blender pretty stiff and it makes my development slower because I have to type every piece of code letter by letter so to say. I was just wondering if it were ...
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Use Blender Python Libraries Outside Blender

I'm writing a file import/export plug-in for Blender and would like to work a lot of the file-handling pieces in ipython outside of Blender. Is it possible to ...
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Editor and ways recommendation for Python addon development

I am a Vim user and generally happy with it but I see some drags with Blender addon development when I use it. What editors and ways do you use to do your Blender development? Vim oriented solutions ...
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headless (or non-UI) mode for non-rendering purpose

Recently I am working on some projects that I want to control blender modeling outside blender. Currently, I am able to do this with the UI version, and running on a computer with X-window, so the UI ...
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Blender as a Python Module Mac

I've been following this tutorial on how to build blender as a python module. I am current working on a Mac. I've successfully got the source from Git, but I'm stuck trying to edit the CMake ...
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