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How can I put my brick texture on all sides of my object? [duplicate]

I created a brick texture. I am relatively new to the shading editor. When I put the material on the object, it is stretching on the side. I read that it might be better to put the Texture Coordinate ...
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Create grid material [duplicate]

I found a material Im using to create a grid on my model, it works great on a plane but not on cubes and sphears. How do I get the grid to be on the sides also, not only on the top side of my spheare ...
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Correct map procedural brick texture on cube

Could somebody help my place texture to all sides of the box? First I found topic on forum:How can I make my procedural brick texture map correctly to both a cube and cylinder? Then I made a nodeset: ...
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Repetitive texture on rounded corners

What is your best method for achieving repetitive textures wrapped around a rounded corner of a mesh, like in the image? If your method avoids UV unwrapping or coding - even better! Thanks.
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modify texture on certain parts of extruded shape

I created a picture frame by extruding the profile along a rectangular path. Is it possible to kind of split the texture at the corners and move it around, so it isn't continuous from one edge to the ...
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Brick Texture On Extruded Cylinder Shows All Mortar Color

Very new to Blender, so I'm not sure what to research for on this problem... If I add a mesh/cylinder I can add brick texture, then get the texture to "wrap" (?) around the structure just ...
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Grid material that extends with mesh?

For clarification, I am trying to create a Supergrid: Put a 2m x 2m grid texture on a mesh. When I move or scale the mesh, the grid will increase as the mesh does (the 2m x 2m does not stretch or ...
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Can a procedural texture follow the x y z orientation of vertices or do I need to UV unwrap?

So lets say: I want to avoid seams on my model. I'm to lazy to UV unwrap. I want to keep my mesh joined. Would it be possible to create a procedural material that follows the xyz orientation of a ...
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Brick texture stretches in vertical direction

I have extruded plane (texture is fine on it) edges 1 by 1, and applied a simple brick texture. For some reason nor re-unwrapping nor applying transforms deals with the issue. Normals are correct and ...
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Bricktexture allignment on different Objects [duplicate]

I wanted to make a House for my Art class and used the brick texture node with some extras to make a brick shader for the walls. Because the bricks didn't align correctly with the first object (House1)...
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Nested texture on all sides of cube

I am a total beginner to Blender. I want the checkered brick texture to be on all sides of the cube. How can I do this? I have tried adding a texture coordinate with UV output connected to the brick ...
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Two Objects - One Material Scale

I've seen multiple (similar) versions of this question all over the internet, with no solid answer. I have two objects - both are different sizes. I unwrap and apply the same material to each. The ...
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Cycles Nodes: problem combining two procedural masks for bump (fake displacement)

Struggling some problem here. I've made up a procedural node group representing a single area with gradient that can be placed anywhere on a cylinder's side. It works ok. When I combine (via Math Add ...
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How to create a procedural/parametric n-sided star with cycles nodes?

Using cycles nodes, how do I create a parametric n-sided star? I've seen Procedural Star Texture in Blender Cycles, but somehow I feel duplicating node groups and manually typing in the rotation is ...
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How to create a procedural brick texture for a simple building without object size changing the texture size?

I want to create some procedural textures that I can quickly reuse to texture objects. For this example I want four sided cubes (ignore top and bottom) that are wrapped in bricks. But, I want the ...
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