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How can I add many keyframes for an object without a loop? [duplicate]

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Is it possible to create an animation in Blender 2.8, using Python, that it's not tied to any object?

I want to create an action (Fcurve) before I have any object to attach it to. I know how to create an Fcurve directly for an object: for example, to keyframe the location of an object ...
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Editing fcurve.keyframe points in FAST mode?

I can add and remove keyframes like this via python, no issues arise. ...
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Quick keyframe frame insertion for Shape Keys with `foreach_set` from data

I would like to animate an objects' shape keys from a data set. Imagine a default cube that will get longer (side face vertices will move in +X direction) according to a data. The date looks like this ...
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Keyframing specified object location at frame from csv data

I've been trying animate a large amount of objects based on location and frame data from an excel sheet. So far I've read through a dozen different threads both here and other forums, but I'm just not ...
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Add new FCurve to object (Python API)

How would one go about adding animation data (keyframes / FCurves) to an empty object using the Python API? This is to be able to have full control over creation of keyframes and setting interpolation ...
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Efficient way to programmatically copy shape key animation from one mesh to another

Is there more efficient way to copy keyframes programmatically from mesh A shape key to the similar shape key in the mesh B? Here's the approach I'm using but it's kind of slow (for 160 shape keys it ...
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How to keyframe mesh vertices in Python without fcurve

The code without adding the keyframe ...
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How to create objects fast for each frame?

I am creating 50-100 new objects per frame, and it is very slow. I don't know which step is the slowest. My method: Create objects. Hide all objects at frame 0. Set keyframe for objects to appear for ...
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Can I create f-curves for shader node values in python? [duplicate]

Using Blender 2.90alpha, I already have some fancy python code to set some keyframes on an object + data_path from my external data source. It creates ...
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