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How to seperate multiple object in Array modifier [duplicate]

I want help about seperating those multiple pins made in array so they can be edited on their own. I watched one tutorial and it says to go in edit mode, then press P to get to separation menu, and ...
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How to split meshes created with the array modifier? [duplicate]

How to split meshes created with the array modifier? It didn't split them in Edit mode with P -> By Loose Parts.
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Apply Array Modifier and edit duplications separately [duplicate]

I have used the array modifier and once applied, I would treat the copies as individual objects. For some reason when I try to do the same in this project, it selects all the duplicates along with the ...
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How can I select obects one by one on Array [duplicate]

Array I want to select one by one
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How do I edit a single object from an array of objects without the other objects following the object that I am trying to edit? [duplicate]

I am trying to create a domino animation through blender and I used the array command to create multiple dominos. Now I am trying to edit the first domino to put a photo on it however the photo is ...
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Array a Group of objects?

Is it possible to array a group of objects? For example, if I have three objects in a group, (I want to keep them as separate objects) is it possible to easily duplicate them as if I pressed AltD ...
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How can I convert a hair-particle system into 3D, editable objects?

Is it possible to 'apply' a particle system so that it becomes workable 3d objects instead of being hair or emitter objects? If that's possible, then I should hypothetically be able to apply another ...
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Creating a spherical array

Keep in mind that I am almost completely new to blender. I was wondering how to create a spherical array. I have Googled and Googled, but I can only find ways to make circular arrays (two dimensional ...
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Convert large particle system(s) to one object efficiently

I place leaves on my trees with emitter particle systems. Then, to make a forest, I place those trees with another emitter (or hair) particle system. Problem is particles of particles don't work, I ...
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Fill particles in a container

I have tried everything to fill an invisible container with particles but the particles just seems to sinks to the bottom and they don't fill the container. I am trying to create something like in the ...
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How can I copy or duplicate several objects in one step?

I am building a tenement. After I have built one course of bricks I want to duplicate them to form an adjacent course, but with a negative scale, in the X axis. When a story has been completed I want ...
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Can I use an image sequence with offset frames as a texture on array items

I'm creating an animation of a film bed with a film strip running through it. The film strip is basically just an array object with a curve modifier. What I want to do is use an image sequence for the ...
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How to obtain a set of separate objects from an Array Modifier (or other method) and keep their rotation and scale?

I have been looking for methods to create a set of objects from an Array Modifier. Normally one creates an Array, sets an Array Offset and manipulates it so that the transformation propagates to all ...
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Appending an object brings duplicated objects

I have a scene with three sets of three bricks, nine in total. I created eight of them by duplicating the first one and modifying them. In another scene I append one of the bricks. I get the brick I ...
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How to introduce random material offset and rotation to array modifier created objects in 2.81?

I have generated tiled wall using 2 times array modifier(width and height), I want to introduce some randomness to materials so the tiles don't look like cut from single large piece. I tried adding ...
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