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Will Eevee be a/the new Game Engine? [duplicate]

Now I haven't gotten into Programing or game making let alone even tried Blender Game but I do have a very basic understanding of game engines and Eevee looks fantastic!! Close if not identical to UE4!...
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Can I use still use blender 2.79? [duplicate]

Currently I am still using the blender 2.79 version. Can use the game engine of blender 2.79 to make and publish games?
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In blender 2.8 there is no game engine or game logic [duplicate]

I want to design the game in which,when the key press from keyboard then it's should action... For example I want to move the object with w a s d... How can I use in blender 2.8
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Can I use Blender to set up game logic?

I want to create a game using Blender 2.93. I don't know if I can use Blender to create the game logistics. I want to create a 3D game that's set up like Minecraft. An almost infinite world that's ...
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Using Blender Game Engine for VR 360 tour on Mobile, is it doable?

I'm sorry if my question sounds clumsy, I'm not a seasoned BGE user. I'd like to make a virtual tour for Gear VR and/or Google Cardboard in the BGE that works on Mobile. Is this doable in a user ...
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Why does my action not play after another action?

Below is my Logic editor of this problem. I have my armature always playing a walk action, then when it collides with a property called "Player," it is supposed to play a die animation. (It is an ...
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Exclude pinned vertices from physics simulation

I have some meshes that slightly overlap in a couple of places and I'm using Blender's soft body physics to separate the meshes in the places that they overlap. I use dynamic paint to weight the ...
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Is Raspberry Pi 4 able to run Blender Game Engine games?

Ex. I have a game where my object is floating in some empty space and i can interact with it. I can zoom in/out, rotate in every direction and do some clicks which cause some animations (for ex. when ...
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Blender Game Engine : resolution scale?

I'm want to make resolution scale to my width and height standlone player. It is possible? I can set the width and height by bge.render but can I change the ...
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how do i make a flashlight in BGE

I'm trying to make a horror game and need to get the flashlight to work, but when i use the spot it doesn't show up. I am in BGE, i don't want to use any of the other light sources because they don't ...
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