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blender kill particles not viewing in render

I am making a harry potter video with friends and I'm adding magic between the 2 wands. I'm using 2 particle systems with gravity off pulled by a force field for the magic and killing them when they ...
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How to put green screen video on a plane in Cycles

All I need to do is place a video with green-screening onto a plane in a scene. Obviously, the green screen will need to be transparent. From what I understand, the video must be keyed and then ...
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How do I denoise an image sequence that has already been rendered?

I have completed Andrew's donut tutorial and I have a full set of 30 frames that makes up the image sequence. I opened another Blender tab (closing down the tutorial with saving) to compile the frames ...
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Disable default animation output when using "File output" nodes

I'm using a "File output" node to customize the output of my animation (separating object & shadow into two files for each frame). I have set custom path for the File output node and ...
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Do I need to optimize PNGs after I will output them from Blender and before I will import them to video editing software?

I want to make animation in Blender. It will be transition for video. In video editing software I will put this animation over junction of two parts of video. In Blender I will make output as PNG ...
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Preserving HDR information in EXR output from Blender in a 8-bit PNG? [closed]

The only way to get the full dynamic range out in a render or bake is to save it as an EXR float from Blender. Not even saving 16-Bit PNG float will keep all the information in the highlights in ...
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Export animation as a video for editing later

I have simple 10 sec animation and I want to render it into a video file for future video editing. I've used FFmpeg video format option in Blender with MPEG-4 container, H.264 codec and Lossless ...
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Rendering stuck at 99%

When I render an animation it gets to the final frame of it but then freezes, I cannot save it or do anything with and when I come out of the rendering tab and back onto the blender layout the ...
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Background Green Screen Refuses to Render [duplicate]

I tried a few threads already on Blender Stack Exchange: How to render a background image in 2.8? How to render a background image correctly? why the background image I add not show in render? I'm ...
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Exporting PNG Animation With Shadows On Transparent Background

I'm doing an animation and trying to export it as a PNG. I need to export it with the shadows, but on a transparent background. Once the render finished I imported of on the PNG sequence to see if the ...
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How to composite an image sequence rendered in PNG?

I've rendered my first image sequences of 119 frames in PNG. I have trouble to use the compositor in order to save the final video file. When I load the image sequence (with the image sequence node) I ...
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Where can I add Color settings(filmic) for saving .PNG

Where should I add this setting for png to export with correct color settings, since now blender by default exports using 'Standard' color profile I found this line - ...
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Is there a way to make a plane into a transparent for a PNG sequence?

I want to pan a plane in front of many 3D objects and make the plane material cause the render to make a PNG transparency instead of showing the plane. In cycles. Can I do that in the initial render, ...
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How do I separately apply color correction to a model and video clip?

So I'm making a scene where I put my model in a clip I tracked. I think the lighting looks good but the colors of the model itself look overexposed compared to the "flat" colors of the video ...
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Trouble getting video as plane to show it's image [duplicate]

I've imported a .mp4 video as a plane in object mode so that I can point the camera at it and animate some 3D objects in front of the video. The image of the video won't show up though (it remains a ...
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