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How do I "parent" objects?

I'm looking for a way to have two separate objects be connected, so that when I move the first object the second one will move also. The term parent is used, but how do I parent a object?
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Group objects in blender [duplicate]

There´s a way of grouping SVG objects in blender like in Illustrator or Inkscape, where when I have to move the object the entire group move´s on together, without having to append that object to the ...
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Selecting groups in blender

How do I select groups? I don't want to select an object and then its siblings, but I want to see a list of groups and I want to select a group like that. Is that possible? The reason I don't want to ...
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Array Modifier creates something that exports as single mesh, how to create same through group/parent/etc?

I'm using Blender for Unity3D game asset creation. The Array Modifier does something great (see below) that I would love to be able to do for arbitrary collections of objects. I'm hoping someone ...
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It there a possible way that I could scale all the objects individually? [duplicate]

I'm working on a complicated building which my goal is to keep the multiple objects in their respective groups and scale all objects at once. Instead of using Ctrl+J function to group everything into ...
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How to scale a group of objects the right way?

I have made a car out of different objects and I want it to stay that way but when I scale the car this happens :( How to make the car bigger or smaller without combining all the objects into one ...
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Is there a way to move multiple objects together?

I was wondering if there were a way to make it so multiple objects would act almost like one. I have created a character that is basically a lot of flat objects on top of each other to give a 2D ...
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How do i animate a group rotating as one object?

When i tryied to animate a group rotating (2 rotation keyframes), all of the objects rotated at thier pivot points insted of the "whole group" pivot point. How do i make the whole group rotate as one ...
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Grouping objects into a single object [duplicate]

I've imported a Lego model into Blender. How do I group the parts together so I can transform them as a single unit? I don't want the individual parts to be selectable using the mouse. Thanks. [edit] ...
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Join to Connect Objects together [duplicate]

I made a Gameboy with different objects and modifiers. I want to move it the side but somehow all objects separate as I move. I want to join the objects together.
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Is there a way to move multiple objects away from each other without also scaling the size of the objects themselves?

I'm working on modeling a lamp that has a section near the bulb where instead of a straight pole connecting the base to the bulb, the pole divides into 8 parts and move apart and then together, while ...
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