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How to spread out keyframes parabolically

I would like to create an animation in which something blows up, starting at a normal speed, slows down to a stop, and then reforms. I know I can manually spread out the keyframes in the dope sheet ...
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How does one animate time in the VSE?

I'm trying to move between slow motion and normal motion on a video/audio strip smoothly, but am having problems animating this. I've tried Individual objects and Entire scene and Time Remapper addon ...
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Change animation fps at certain times (i.e. slow down the animation for a moment) [duplicate]

What I want is to fly by an object, and once we are really close to it, slow down time to give a nice look (animation of the objects in the scene is also slowed down) and then move on. What this ...
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How to stretch 120 seconds of animation over 270 seconds?

I have an object with some animation (120 seconds) and I want to make this animation now play over the duration of 270 seconds. How can I stretch the animation to this new duration?
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Add build Modifier to Dope Sheet? [duplicate]

I have a ton of things building in my file, but I need to be able to retime them. So say I have on part starting to build at 200frames and it builds for 100frames. I need to be able to change the ...
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How to reverse animate?

For example when I record a rig walking and then I'd like to make it walk backward so how can I do that without much effort
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How can you animate time? [duplicate]

I've tried animating the "Time Remapping" settings, but get the "property cannot be animated" message. Is there a way to animate the time of a scene?
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