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A way to get Rate of Change in translation or rotation into a shader node

I am doing a space scene with a space ship, and i'm trying to be physically realistic when it comes to how ships move in space. As such, I only want my thruster effects to fire when the Rate of ...
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Make particles slip around objects in Animation Nodes

I would like to create a particle animation that shows a particles flowing and slipping around objects instead of penetrating them. The effect I want to achieve is shown in this gif by Étienne Jacob:
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Transfer data between nodetrees in Animation Nodes

I'd like to split one network into subprocess' and assign them to specific Nodetrees. General idea is to have Custom Execution Trigger on every subprocess to ...
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Particle Tracing

I'm trying to trace a particle system but I haven't had luck. The options i'I've tried are: Path: Under the render tab in the particle system. But it needs a keyed particle system and when I use a ...
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Save value on first occurrence in Animation Nodes

In this setup Random number defines Y position of Empty, which is shrinkwrapped-constrained to "Array of stairs". I'd like to save Z value (orange circle) in memory, when the first positive number ...
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Animation Nodes -> splines generated and how have a random material color for each spline?

following How to store particle locations in a list? you can trace particles to splines (list), but how can we have a random color in the material for each of the splines... they are all in one ...
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How to calculate a difference between current and previous location vectors using animation nodes?

In my node tree I have a location vector that is streamed from a sensor, how would I calculate a difference between current and previous location vectors using animation nodes?
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Passing data from one running instance of script to the next

I am looking for the most efficient way to save data from one run of a python script to the next. My script generates a list , say presentList . The list is made up of a number of integers. Next time ...
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Assemble / Disintegrate with Animation Nodes

I would like to assemble an object made of Polys but I get stuck because the integration does not stay. At the moment I use the Offset Polygons Node to set the scale of the Polys influenced by a ...
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Follow objects as if there was a magnetic field using animation Nodes

Using animation nodes how can I make an object keep following and other object with some delay, a behavior very similar to the one you can see in most paint tools for stabilizing strokes, here is an ...
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how do i store a value when using animation nodes?

I am translating a list of objects but I only want the translation in the x,y,z plane to occur during frame one then after frame one the translation to happen only in the x,y plane. Any help is ...
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Animation Nodes: Loop - get value from previous iteration (ie, rotation of previous object in the list)

I have a list of objects going into a loop. Inside the loop, I am modifying each object's location. Each object has rotation keyframes, which is driving my AN. However, I would like to modify its ...
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