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How to illuminate the darkness inside glass objects in Cycles?

My model has a clear plastic (or glass) dome with objects inside. The objects appear dark. I've tried the glass shader with color 100% RGB, with very small IOR, and using just a refraction shader. ...
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Trying to recreate an effect that involves emission and cant get it right at all

this is a picture of the effect I am doing The original work: I just can't seem to get the same glow like effect. I'm not sure if I am missing something with ...
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How to create and animate the water reflection (Caustics) on an object?

What is the best method to create this kind of reflection and how to animate it?
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How is Cycles different from Blender Internal?

How does Cycles work and how is it different from Blender Internal? Which is better?
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why is light propagated wrongly?

I am a new in Blender. I am creating a house and collided with problem. I created 2 windows. The first window is ok but the stranger things are happenning with the light of the second window.
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reflecting direct light on glossy surface in Cycles

Working in Cycles. Say I have a "disco ball" with a glossy shader. I'm pointing a spot light to it, and I'm trying to have the reflections of that light illuminate the diffuse material on the walls ...
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Noisy pixelated lightbulb filament emitter

I've been trying to model a vintage light bulb, but the filament seems to produce a lot of noise and result in a pixelated render. I think it has something to do with the glass material, since the ...
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Light bulb glass material very dark

I made a light bulb and I use the Glass BSDF material. I also use solidify modifier to get some thickness of the glass, but the problem that I can't find a solution for is why the glass is soo dark. I ...
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Light rays through glass

I try to achieve that my lightrays are going through glass. With a volumetric container and without a glass in front of the light everything works fine. But if I make my glass visible the lightrays ...
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Cycles fireflies with police lights setup

For an animation project I'm working on, some vehicles with a warning light - these plastic ones with a rotating mirror inside which you can find on top of police cars, firefighter trucks (blue) or ...
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Extremely Grainy Renders - Render settings help

I know this question is probably asked a million times on this site, but I can't seem to get a good clean render. I have my preview at 200 samples, a min of 3 and a max of 12 light bounces. I don't ...
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Reducing noise in interior Scenes caused by many lights using Cycles

As mentioned in the title of this post I am just struggling with the noise in my render result. I am not talking about fireflies, I am talking about actual noise. I read a lot about how to improve ...
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What is multiple importance sample option

What is multiple importance sample option. And the main question is Can It be simulated via OSL shader or in particular glossy shader?
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Objects behind glass appear too dark

It's so dark that the eyes are invisible. Blend file:
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Blender Cycles Slow Rendering Interior Scene

I have create a very basic blender scene with Suzanne and a modified cube with no UVs and only basic materials. The scene contains about 3 emissive lights. Using the cycles rendering engine, when ...

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