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How is Cycles different from Blender Internal?

How does Cycles work and how is it different from Blender Internal? Which is better?
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How to illuminate the darkness inside glass objects in Cycles?

My model has a clear plastic (or glass) dome with objects inside. The objects appear dark. I've tried the glass shader with color 100% RGB, with very small IOR, and using just a refraction shader. ...
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How to create and animate the water reflection (Caustics) on an object?

What is the best method to create this kind of reflection and how to animate it?
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When should MIS be used and when should it be disabled?

I understand what Multiple Importance Sampling (or MIS) does, but are there any drawbacks to using it? When should MIS be used? Is there any case where one would not want to use it?
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reflecting direct light on glossy surface in Cycles

Working in Cycles. Say I have a "disco ball" with a glossy shader. I'm pointing a spot light to it, and I'm trying to have the reflections of that light illuminate the diffuse material on the walls ...
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What is multiple importance sample option

What is multiple importance sample option. And the main question is Can It be simulated via OSL shader or in particular glossy shader?
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Objects behind glass appear too dark

It's so dark that the eyes are invisible. Blend file:
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Reducing noise in interior Scenes caused by many lights using Cycles

As mentioned in the title of this post I am just struggling with the noise in my render result. I am not talking about fireflies, I am talking about actual noise. I read a lot about how to improve ...
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Light rays through glass

I try to achieve that my lightrays are going through glass. With a volumetric container and without a glass in front of the light everything works fine. But if I make my glass visible the lightrays ...
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How to create realistic lighting at night in Blender Cycles

I'm modeling a simple night scene (with buildings, traffic lights, etc) to simulate you actually driving down the road. The rendered image looks like this. The lighting in this image doesn't seem to ...
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Blender Cycles Slow Rendering Interior Scene

I have create a very basic blender scene with Suzanne and a modified cube with no UVs and only basic materials. The scene contains about 3 emissive lights. Using the cycles rendering engine, when ...
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Noisy pixelated lightbulb filament emitter

I've been trying to model a vintage light bulb, but the filament seems to produce a lot of noise and result in a pixelated render. I think it has something to do with the glass material, since the ...
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Cycles fireflies with police lights setup

For an animation project I'm working on, some vehicles with a warning light - these plastic ones with a rotating mirror inside which you can find on top of police cars, firefighter trucks (blue) or ...
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glass light pass through

I have this situation, i created a scene, where light bulbs should be the light source. I managed to get the light through bulbs, but the emission coefficient is 5000, with that, the scene should be ...
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Cycles outlier removal for hot pixels - would that make it "biased"?

Even with setting my sampling numbers pretty high (256 diffuse and glossy samples times 16 render passes with branched path tracing) I'm still getting the very hot pixels. I read that this is caused ...
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