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Mix shader not connecting ColorRamp and Transparent BSDF together in 2.9

I'm following a lesson of what I think was made in ver. 2.8 and I'm currently using 2.9. As you can see in the image below (mine | lesson), in the lesson part the ColorRamp and Transparent BSDF are ...
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Image Texture Node Color Output Format

in the Node Editor what is the data format coming out of the Color output of an Image Texture Node? Does the Color Space setting of the Image Texture Node change this at all?
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How would I create a stripe on top of a brick texture?

How would I create a stripe on top of a brick texture? Currently I have the brick texture setup like this. Which gives me this result But I'm stuck now as I don't know how to add the white stripes ...
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Is there a guide to learn more about nodes? [duplicate]

I'm interested in nodes, but my understanding of them is lacking. I don't really know what most nodes do or what the connections mean (the yellow, grey and blue dots)
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Why objects reflected in the mirror are darker than original, as they were not receiving light

The curtains are dark in the mirror image, as they were the original object but not receiving the light of a point lamp that i used nodes to define color and strength (blackbody and ies texture). The ...
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Can I connect a Diffuse BSFD to the Principled BSDF's roughness input?

I have a principled bsdf. Under roughness, I have maps that I would like to connect to it. As I'm adding a normal map to my roughness map, I'm thinking of putting the map through a diffuse bsdf. Is ...
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Texture rendering in Eevee but not in Cycles

I'm facing some issues to render texture in Cycles. It works very well on Eevee engine. Here is the Eeeve rendering with textures (lines on hills) When I go to Cycles, nothing is rendered. I'm an ...
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Cannot get shadows working with shader graph nodes

I have a custom shader that is basicly just rendering a object with vertex colors. I am trying to get shadows working by using LightPath node, but everything renders black when I apply that node. ...
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Portal effect with two different hdri's

I'm fighting with my scene where I want to show some kind of portal. All scene has illuminated by hdri №1. The objects behind the 'glass' (object with 100% transparency) should be illuminated by hdri №...
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Emission node in 2.81 not working iun Cycles

I've got an standard material on a cylinder outside windows which I am using to emit a texture for light - unfortunately the material seems to take the colour from the emission within the material as ...
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Transparent BSDF not working

Why is this not transparent? The translucent BSDF works but not the transparent BSDF. I'm using Cycles as a render engine. I've had this work in the past but for some reason it doesn't want to work ...
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Red line from Shader node to Color Ramp

I was following a tutorial in order to learn nodes for 2.8. When this line turned red and made the entire thing pink (missing textures). Does anyone know how to prevent this?
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How to control materials on the Brick Texture? (Blender 2.8)

I made a basic brick wall using Texture Coordinates (Object) ⇒ Mapping ⇒ Brick Texture ⇒ Material Output Now I want to refine that by adding surface bumps and better PBR texture rather than just "...
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Bump map painting brush problem

Hello i am trying to make a bump map but when ever i try to paint the brush gives me a ugly grainy look and i can't figure this out, i tried in a new project and it does the same thing I checked ...
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Why doesn't my render show full noise texture or mixed colors?

I've built a collection of nodes that show the material I want in material view, but renders ignore both the noise texture and the mixed colors. The render does show my height offset texture map. To ...
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