enter image description hereHi guys,

I'm trying to simulate the metal flakes that you can see in this helmet. It looks close to a metallic paint + flakes, but it definitely is something else.

I found a few materials that come close to it, like Mike Pan's Car Paint Material, but if you look at the video it seems to only show up when it's in the specular and there's a bit of iridescence to it. Also, it completely disappears once it's outside the specular glow.

Do you guys have any idea how to approach this? Any idea of a material that's a bit closer to it?



You can achieve a similar result with a Voronoi texture controlling the rotation of an Anisotropic shader:

Which gives the following result:

You can change the color of the material to whatever you want. To make the glitter smaller, increase the Scale of the texture. Make sure to play around with the other settings, too! :)

  • $\begingroup$ That's really cool! You can use the texture to drive a color mix as well to get the different colored flakes. $\endgroup$ – risingfall Jan 23 '18 at 20:43

Ah, what the heck. This is really just a minor refinement of @R.M's idea. The color ramp is to control the relative amount of red/yellow flakes.

sparkle material

  • $\begingroup$ Nice! I think this is as close to the reference image as you can get without writing a custom shader :) $\endgroup$ – Reinis Mazeiks Jan 23 '18 at 21:54

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