I have the following shape in the 3 dimensions: enter image description here

As I'm not sure how to properly express what I want to do, I'll try to do it in 3 (among 6) different ways that I can imagine it. I want to:

  1. make a torus that will have the above shape
  2. have the shape act as a skeleton for a torus
  3. give volume to the shape (turning it into a "tube")

What I have found until now is this answer: How do you make a torus 'telescope' open?

Using that solution I end up with something like this: enter image description here It covers me almost perfectly except one minor detail. The object isn't a mesh that contains vertices/edges/faces. How can I make that happen? Increasing the resolution below "Bevel" in Geometry, adds more detail obviously..but it is still treated as one, whole object and not as separate v/e/f.


In object mode press Alt+C to convert from curve to mesh

enter image description here


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