I can't find anything about this for the VSE. All I find is this stuff on appending 3d objects https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxD7FGeGR9Q

I tried doing it for strips in my vse (they are just video strips and text effects and added effects that are vse only) and I appended stuff 1 by 1 and no luck.

How the heck do I take a bunch of strips in 1 .blend vse project and put them in another .blend vse project?!?!?!? And plz no acronymns or stuff like "just append it"....you google "append" and you hit blank wiki entries and every entry pertains to something else and its not helping.


I FIGURED IT OUT!!!! There was a posting on how to do it, but I didn't understand appending so I didn't get it, but after seeing that other video on how to append in the 3d stuff, I FIGURED IT OUT!!

You have have two .blend files in question. Open the file you want to import the other into.

Go to 1) File > Append > Find the name of the second .blend file > go to the scene folder and click on the item that comes up

2) Change active Scene on Blender by going to the top of the page just right of the thing u used to get into the VSE, change it to the OTHER scene

3) once you change scenes it will pop up the entire blender file from the other file

4) highlight what you want, and then hit ctrl C

5)go back to the top and click scene and revert to ur original scene

6) and just paste it where ever!!

TADAAAA!!!! God dang, I've been wondering how to do this for over a month now AND I FINALLLY FIGURED IT. AND ON MY OWN!!! succeesssssss

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