A new vertice forms when the object is being subdivided.

I beveled my mesh and added a subdivision surface modifier, and now a new face/vertices are created where the black areas are:


It appears that when the mesh has the modifier active, the subdivided mesh goes to a singular point in the center: enter image description here

I applied Rotation and Scale to the mesh already after it was edited. Nothing changed.

How do I get rid of the odd mesh warp when my mesh is subdivided? I want to get the center curve near the bottom to be as smooth as possible, without signs of low poly mesh. Like a perfect part-circle.

Here is the blend file:


This happens because you have a face made up of more than 4 vertices (N-GON), and with the subdivided surface, you have to be careful, and try to use a more regular topology. Ngons will not subdivide correctly.

enter image description here

I used the command crtl + T to triangulate the face. NGON converted to triangular

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