I'm trying to rig a leg that has two thigh bones (one to move the leg around the hip and the other to rotate the thigh around the bone's main axis):

enter image description here

The IK constraint on the Shin bone reaches up to ThighB; ThighR has X and Z locks enabled on the bone's IK tab so as not to bend the leg between ThighB and ThighR. This works fine.

I tried to lock the ThighB's Y axis on the bone's IK tab but this has no effect - ThighB still changes it's roll when I move the leg (I also tried using a limit and setting a high stiffness, this also didn't work):

enter image description here

So I have two questions:

  • What exactly is the "Limit Y" / "Lock Y" option good for, since it doesn't seem to work as I expect it to?
  • Is there a way to keep the IK Solver from rolling/rotating ThighB around the y axis?

I'm aware that I could set up a second chain that just used a single bone and then copy the x,z rotation to the ThighB and the roll or the y rotation to ThighR, but I'm looking for a simple solution first.


Set same angle(so no lock, but if you want set min=max) to IK + rotation limit, local space)

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