I'm pretty new to blender and I've been trying to put a Mesh onto a skeleton with animations (keyframes) but I've ran into the issue of my Mesh disappearing after adding it to the skeleton with animations.

I can see the mesh perfectly fine in edit mode but I can't play the animation with the mesh attached. I've tried a couple of solutions but none have worked (Auto run python scripts is on,Went into pose mode and applied pose as rest shape,and a couple of other things).

Sorry if the terms I'm using are wrong I'm still very new to blender and anything related to it. Here's the file Stalker Animation and Mesh (The model and skeleton are .nif files I took from falloutnv and the animation i'm trying to use is a .kf file,I've used the other version of blender with the nif attachment to send them over to the most current version of blender)

If someone can give me instructions on how to fix this issue I would be grateful,I want to import other animations but I want to make sure I'm doing it right.


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