I'm following this tutorial: How to Create Realistic Trees

When I set up the IK Bone and move it, the branch stretches and moves, but the end bends sharply:

Bone Bend A Bone Bend B Bone Bend C

The steps:

  1. Select the tree with the Skin Modifier.
  2. In the Skin Modifier Panel, click "Create Armature."
  3. Select the Armature
  4. Enter Edit Mode
  5. Open Data Panel -> Display Group -> click "B-Bone" display.
  6. Select the end bone.
  7. Shift-D to duplicate the bone. Alt-F to switch direction.
  8. Open Properties Panel. Scroll to Item -> Bone Name, rename it by putting an ".IK" at the end.
  9. Select the (original) bone you made a copy of earlier (not the one with the IK in the name).
  10. Enter Pose Mode
  11. Bone Constraints Panel -> Add Bone Constraint -> Inverse Kinematics. Target: Armature | Bone: Find the one with the ".IK" at the end | Length: set to the number of segments to the tree base (e.g. 4)
  12. Move the IK bone and watch the rest of the branch move.

Problem: Warping.

Any suggestions?


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