I´m trying to draw a text using the bge module. This is my code:

# import game engine modules
from bge import render
from bge import logic
# import stand alone modules
import bgl
import blf

def init():
    """init function - runs once"""
    # create a new font object, use external ttf file
    font_path = logic.expandPath('//Zeyada.ttf')
    # store the font indice - to use later
    logic.font_id = blf.load(font_path)

    # set the font drawing routine to run every frame
    scene = logic.getCurrentScene()
    scene.post_draw = [write]

def write():
    """write on screen"""
    width = render.getWindowWidth()
    height = render.getWindowHeight()

    # OpenGL setup
    bgl.gluOrtho2D(0, width, 0, height)

    # BLF drawing routine
    font_id = logic.font_id
    blf.position(font_id, (width * 0.2), (height * 0.3), 0)
    blf.size(font_id, 50, 72)
    blf.draw(font_id, "Hello World")

I add an object, a sensor and a controller as you can see in the next picture: enter image description here

But, when I pulse "p" on the 3D viewer screen and it´s suppose my game runs I only see this: enter image description here

I´ve tried to change the text´s size and the frequency of the sensor. Any idea about something that may be failing?


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I´ve just realized that I don´t have the file called "Zeyada.ttf" so my problem is in the line:

 font_path = logic.expandPath('//Zeyada.ttf')

Apparently I need a ttf file to present the text and it makes sense, every text has format.


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