I'm still learning blender 3d so I'm sorry if this is hard to understand.

I'm trying to edit the stroke/textures on the freestyle editor so where it looks hand drawn/sketchy I'm hoping to get some result like this https://youtu.be/5jZvFuaNNlY but I'm still new to blender and I know nothing about textures.

I heard about uv mapping but I don't know what to do with it when it comes to freestyle lines.


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As far as I know, Freestyle doesn't stylize shading, only affects geometry lines (correct me if I am wrong). You can combine Freestyle lines in compositor with shading converted to strokes.

Basic plan for shading is to separate simple material to shading layers, and assign "stroke" textures with different density/color/orientation in according with these shading layers.

You can separate shading to layers inside materials using ColorRamp node. (Pic is not mine, taken from tutorial)

enter image description here

Also check .Blend file example on Blender site here (Blue Pencil Shark at the bottom of the page)


Here's the freestyle setting I used to get the line looks below. Also enable Ambient Occlusion. Rendered using EEVEE in about 13 seconds using Blender 3.4.1



Hand Drawn look:




Another one:





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