How do I undo a grease pencil stroke caused by

D+LMB drag

in sculpt mode?

It seems like

Ctrl+Z (undo)


Ctrl+Shift+Z (redo)

will only affect the sculpting.


Yes, on Blender 2.79 Grease pencil "DRAW" is more like an annotation. (Obviously you can extend it to some animation functions). But yes, If you´re on the UV editor for example, and then D+Mouse drag, when you finish, you will not be able to "undo" the action. Just END the drawing, because you´re in a supra-mode. Supra-modes are direct override over the system in which -once you start a session with the tool- you can´t "undo" or "change tools" until you end it.

Other tools that work in the supra-mode are "C"ircle select. Once you enter into a circle select session you cannot undo. If you CTRL+Z, session ends. But you don´t undo. Then you CTRL+Z again, and Blender will take you back to the START of the "C" supra mode session select.

I work on 2.79.7B (Daily verision) and NOW you can DRAW (D) and then CTRL+Z. Check the version you have.

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I don't know a short cut, so I usually just delete the active grease pencil layer in the N panel. You are right, the undo system is only focused on the sculpt. Perhaps things will be different after the new grease pencil system has been used awhile in 2.8.

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    $\begingroup$ When I meant the "version", I meant it for Blender 2.79b (Daily version), not regular one. To access, click on Blender 2.8 download, an most downward the page, you´ll see Blender 2.79.7 daily release. Get that one. There you can do UNDO after stroke in grease pencil. $\endgroup$ – Pierre Schiller Feb 19 '19 at 9:38

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